Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally, an Update, art journal pages for healing

Hi All!

Yes, I'm still surviving.  I have spent a month in physical and mental exhaustion.  I want to apologize as well as thank all my followers who continue to support me.  I have been saving all my energy weekly so I can continue to stream live on Ustream.  I now go live every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:30 Eastern.  We have a great time, I truly hope you can join us! 

It's been so long that Flickr has changed... I can't figure out how to embed my pictures here anymore.  Hmmm...  we will have to settle with direct uploads I guess.  Here is a few pages I've been working on lately, most of them created live.

I did this Tim Holtz inspired page live last Wednesday, unfortunately it is the only show I forgot to record!  I will schedule another show based on TH products.  I really love how this turned out!  It speaks of how the last two months have been hard on me, how it's time wasted.

The above few pages were not done live, just a few that I have completed this past month.  As you know, it's rare for me to draw, or paint some kind of face.  For some reason I felt that I needed to let this girl out... I was feeling so red with anger, so embarassed, that I needed to make her red.  I definitely need to practise more... but for me it was all in the letting go, letting out the ugly feelings.

This was a fun live show.  We played with a few resist techniques.  This was recorded, check out my channel to view it.  :)  Yes, that is UTEE you see!  It still needs a title. 

I created this live last Saturday.  There wasn't really a theme... just a release for me.  The flap opens up to some personal journaling, I just love creating hidden treasures!

I am on vacation this week, trying to relax and stay off my feet.  I can now walk without crutches (still in my aircast), but I have a long journey ahead of me.  It is healing well the doctor tells me, I just have to be patient and do my exercises.  :)

I have many more pages to share from the last month, so stay tuned.  Again, I truly appreciate everyone's patience, support and understanding.  I am finally starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel. 

Much LOVE!  xox

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