Monday, November 3, 2014


Hi Everyone!

I am away in Bonavista, Newfoundland but wanted to announce the winner of the Artistcellar hop!

  1. I have learned so much from you Paula! My favorite technique is WATCHING.. lololol and using baby wipes with the stencils!! Thank you so much for an awesome stream.. not just this one.. but over the years! I don't think you really know how much they impact our learning qualities!! tfs xoxo

    Congrats Meko!!!!! <3  I counted from post #2 as the first was removed/double post. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Altered Magazine Art Journal Page with Kaleidoscope Stencils

Welcome everyone!

I was so excited to play with the new Kaleidoscope Series by Cecilia Swatton, Artistcellar's newest Signature Series Artist.  I love stencils that will work as a background for any theme page... and they are gorgeous to boot!

I received the stencils around the same time I was gifted some "Deli Paper".  I had heard it's all the rage in mono printing, so I thought I would test it out.  Here are the results:

I really enjoy have a set of four coordinating stencils while layering with the Gelli Plate!! 

See all the designs in detail HERE:

I then ripped and collaged pieces of the printed deli paper and glued them into my altered magazine art journal that I will been preparing to take with me on a trip to Newfoundland.  

I chose black paint and removed it with a baby wipe.

I love how you can see both the deli papers and the original magazine through the Kaleidoscope Series stencils.

You can watch the whole process, from the monoprinting to the completed background above right here:

Want to win a set of your own?  Let me know in the comment section below what your favourite stencil technique is.  Comments will close November 3rd, 12am EST and a random winner will be drawn.  Don't forget to check out all the other wonderful artists below!! ***GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED*

October 25th - Lisa Cousineau, Artistcellar

October 26th - Effy Wild -
October 28th - Cheryl Sleboda -
You are here:  October 29th - Paula Phillips -
October 30th - Cindy Powell -
October 31st - Cecilia Swatton -

The above video was recorded as a live class over on my channel on Ustream HERE.  I would love to have you join me! 

Much Love,
Paula Phillips aka JournalArtista

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A little update

Welcome everyone!

Here is a little update and project.

Much Love!
Paula aka Journalartista

Monday, April 28, 2014

StencilGirl Seth Apter New Release Blog Hop!

Welcome my friends!  If you are new here, my name is Paula Phillips also known as JournalArtista.  

I was so excited to see the new stencil designs by Seth Apter from StencilGirl!

Past Present Future Stencil by Seth Apter

My art journal page started out this way, with a little magazine collage.  I wanted to use the stencil for texture to tie the magazine images into the background. I really loved the colour of the pink flower in the the top right corner:

I did not have a bright enough, nor a pink opaque enough to cover over the background.  I decided to use a coat of gesso through the stencil first, to assure the bright pink would stand out. 

I also wanted to create a shadow effect, so I used a makeup wedge that was slightly wet before applying gesso. I also used a heavy hand when dabbing, purposely making the image fuzzy.

Once the gesso was dry, I realigned the stencil over the gesso.  I chose my current art journal obsession next, the Sharpie Brush marker.  Normally writing over gesso with a Sharpie is bad news, drying them out.  The Sharpie Brush marker does not dry out, and writes so smoothly.  I added bits of pink marker directly over the gesso.

I love how bright it turned out!  I then added strips of washi tape, purple paint to block out the title, and sticker letters.

I really love how the Sharpie marker peeks through the paint, but I especially love the words on this stencil design.  Perfect for my feelings towards the magazine images.  I don't write a lot of words within my art journal pages, I like images to speak for me most times.

Don't forget to continue on on the hop!  There is a giveaway going on on the StencilGirl Talk Blog!  There will be two winners- each one will receive a set of the new 6"x6" stencils designed by Seth. Comment on all the blogs for more chances to win! Contest closes on Sunday, May 4th, 2014 at 11:59pm Central Time.

Blog Hop Order

Much Love my friends!
Paula aka JournalArtista Don't forget to follow me on Youtube!

Monday, March 31, 2014

StencilGirl Andrea Matus deMeng Blog Hop

Welcome my friends!  If you are new here, my name is Paula Phillips also known as JournalArtista

I was so excited to hear Andrea Matus deMeng was designing stencils for StencilGirl! I received Eve, A Modern Woman.  This is a 9" x 12" stencil.  Isn't she stunning??

The first thing I started playing with was Dylusions Spray inks over the right side of a gesso'd art journal page spread.  I sprayed multiple colours and immediately closed the book.  The trick to a good result is letting the pages completely dry before peeking as well as adding a bit of weight on top of your journal.

The right hand side page turned out like this:

I took a waterbrush and moved the Dylusions spray ink around to blend and soften.  Such a fun look turned super fast and simple!  It is also a great way to practice your shadowing technique.

I also chose to start with the same technique in a smash-type book of scrapbook paper:  

This is what the two page spread looked like.  The right hand page now has a layer of gesso over it, applied with a gift or credit card:

I focused on the right hand side page.  I added three half circles of light yellow acrylic paint on top of the gesso.  I then reapplied the stencil and lightly sprayed a dark and light purlpe spray ink.  Once dry, I took a water mister and lightly sprayed the page, tilting to have the ink run slightly. 

I applied the stencil for the third time, assuring the features are aligned.  I chose a black student grade acrylic paint to sponge over the eyes, nose, lips and bottom right half of the face.  I LOVE how this turned out!

Not everything I try turns out great, check out this hot mess! :)  I am still working out the uglies on this one. :)  What went wrong?  Way too much ink, no gesso... however a good coat of gesso will save it.

Remember this technique I shared on the StencilGirl Talk Blog?  

Since I already had the black paint out and my hands messy, I added the stencil over top of the packing tape transfer.  My favourite part of Andrea's new designs is how they are the perfect addition to that awesome background you just hate to cover.

Lastly, I had a lot of extra ink on my stencil so I decided to spray it with water and place between gesso'd pages of my art journal.  Super quick background!

Don't forget to continue on on the hop!  There is a giveaway going on on the StencilGirl Talk Blog!  There will be two winners- one will receive a set of the new 6"x6" stencils and one will receive a set of the new 9"x12" designs.  Comment on all the blogs for more chances to win! Contest closes on Sunday, April 6, 2014 at 11:59pm Central Time.

                              Paula Phillips <--- You are here!

Much Love my friends!
Paula aka JournalArtista

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

For the Love of Ustream

Welcome my friends!!

I have awesome news, FINALLY got working cable internet!!!  It's been a challenging week and a half without internet at home, but it's fixed now.  I was able to upload a few full recordings from Ustream onto YouTube, check out one of my favourites recorded a few years ago:

I will be resuming my regular live stream times this coming Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm EST HERE.  I hope to see you there!

Much Love,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mixed Media Stencil Packing Tape Transfer

Welcome everyone!

Just a quick post to say I'M BACK! :)

I hope you enjoy and give it a try!!

Also, a quick note about Ustream.  I am streaming again and will go back to my regular Wednesday and Saturday night schedule.  My internet is out at home (who uses phone lines these days????) but a new provider is scheduled to come this Saturday.

I love and miss you all!
Much Love,
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