Friday, August 9, 2013

StencilGirl Talk Cupcake Sprinkles Blog Hop!

Welcome to another StencilGirltalk blog hop!

This month we are featuring the wonderful Cupcake Sprinkles stencil designed by June Pfaff Daley:

You can get this stencil and see all of June's designs HERE


I had a tiny chuckle when I first received this stencil.  I am still on my Artful Weight Loss journey and creating with this delicious stencil was a treat, but also very tempting!  :)

After creating a random background that matched the pink theme (I was drooling over Red Velvet cupcakes!), I chose to add a little dimension and added texture to the page.


Cupcake Sprinkles stencil
- sticky notes
- modeling or light modeling paste
- palette knife
- acrylic ink or paint
- willingness to get a bit messy :)

Step one is to mask off the desired area.  Use sticky notes to cover areas you don't want the modeling paste to get into.  Masking can be used for any medium you choose with your stencils!  I then set this aside.

I chose a Tri Art modeling paste.  You can use this straight out of the jar, however I wanted the icing to be pink.  I chose a pink FW acrylic ink however you can mix this medium with any acrylic paint as well.  I scooped a bit out with my palette and added a dropper full of ink.  Mix together with a palette knife.

Spread the modeling paste over the stencil with the mask in place.  The consistency of modeling paste is like peanut butter which enables any stiff peaks and texture you create to remain.  It dries to a very hard acrylic, however it takes a very long time to dry.  I choose not to use a heat gun to speed up the process as I find it can bubble and create a crust.  The above photo shows what the paste looks like after applying over the stencil.

Carefully remove the stencil. I repeated the process three more times, carefully avoiding touching the wet molding paste.  Clean your stencil right away!
I love how these turned out!  After seeing this I realized this stencil would also be an awesome ice cream scoop.

Finish with dabbing acrylic paint for the cup, sprinkles, and cherry.  I used a make up sponge to highlight the peaks with a little paint as well.

I also used the sprinkles as random texture, dabbing a bit of paint here and there on the page to tie it all in together.  Letter stickers were applied for the title.

This technique can be used on any type of project including cards, perfect for a birthday!

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