Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week In the Life Art Journal

Welcome everyone!!  What a beautiful Monday it has been!  I would like to share with you this quick new journal I created for Ali Edwards challenge, A Week in the Life.

Basically, the challenge is about taking pictures of the everyday life things for a week.  As I don't take many pictures, I figured it would be a great challenge for me to join.

It's a simple journal.  I bound a few sheets of watercolour paper using a file folder as a cover.  I only used four sheets of paper which is enough to create a two page art journal spread per day.  I made it while live over HERE, watch when you have a chance!  I created the cover and bound the book in this recording.

The cover is not complete (looks a little washed out in this picture), I will add the lumpy bumpy stuff when the journal is full.  My intention is to work on art journal pages to document my week rather than a scrapbook or mini album, I will be printing my little pictures and paste them right in.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful week!
Much LOVE xo

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Art Journal Pages

Happy Friday my friends!!  It's been a long, hot week and I am so excited for the weekend!

I have been thinking again (uh oh), and feel like I want to share some thoughts on "bad" art journal pages.  Now, when I use the term "bad", I am only referring to how you feel about your own art, not what others may think.  Truthfully, I don't care about what others think, other than a hope that what I create and share will inspire others.

If you choose to follow me for any amount of time you will notice that I post pictures of all of my pages, no matter how I feel about them.  I have been art journaling for two years now, and it's taken me almost that long to come to terms with letting go of negative thoughts regarding what I create.  My goal is to have a blog that shows the real me, which may include some pages that some people may feel are "less than".  I'm good with that.

Art journaling is about the process for me, not just about making pretty pages.  Some pages turn out looking like a hot mess, and I am OK with that now.  It's what I needed to get out at the time, or maybe it was a learning experience on (how not to use) colour or a specific technique.

Many people ask me if I have a vision in my mind of how any given page will turn out.  It is very rare that this happens.  I mostly get thoughts of themes or ideas for techniques, sometimes an idea about layout.  When I sit down to art journal I use what's around me, colours that are appealing to me at the moment and just go with the flow.  This process is one that grounds me, releases the anxieties in my head, and makes art journaling enjoyable.

I hope that the next time you create you can attempt to let go and just create, without a worry about creating a hot mess.  As my wonderful friend Leslie always says, "Art Journaling, It's All Good!"

About a month ago we celebrated one year of me streaming live over on Ustream!  This year has brought so many new and wonderful friendships, a community I am proud of, amazing opportunities and MUCH LOVE into my life.  A big THANK YOU to each and every one of you that take the time to join me twice a week.  I truly love and appreciate you all.

Lastly, if you follow me over on Facebook (search for Journalartista over there and friend me!!) you know I'm looking for a puppy.  I created the above art journal page on Easter Sunday.  At the time I didn't really know why I chose the title "My Egg", and for a long time the page sat without any writing.  I now understand what my mind was trying to tell me at the time... it's OK if babies are not in my future.  I am not going to worry or stress about it any longer.

I know what you are thinking.  A puppy is not exactly a substitute for a child, but at this time of my life, I know it's the right decision for me.  I am SUPER excited, doing lots of reading and researching.  I will keep you updated!!

Have a great night, I will see you tomorrow for Stencil Saturday!!

Much LOVE xo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yellow Art Journal Page

Welcome everyone!

For the past few days (week) I have felt a little "blah".  I think it's the heat and humidity taking all my energy away.

Last Wednesday on my regular live Ustream show I decided I needed to cheer myself up by creating a bright and cheery page.  I chose yellow!

If you missed the show, check out the recording here:

Hope to see you tomorrow night at 9:30pm EST!!

Much LOVE xo

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stencil Saturday Art Journal Pages

Welcome back my friends!  It's been a wonderful week for me, I hope yours was just as awesome!

Last Saturday night during my Stencil Saturday Live Ustream Class we had a blast creating many different pages using a few different techniques.

I believe the page above was actually the second page of the night!  I was giving my Adirondack Color Washes and baby wipes some love.

This page was close to the end of the night.  I was getting a little punch drunk and had a good time sticking my hands in the spray ink!

This was the first page of the night, and the main technique.  I absolutely love where this spread is going, check out the yummy close ups below...

All stencils used are from the wonderful The Crafter's Workshop.  I am WAY excited about the new Julie Fei Fan Balzer's designs!!!

I love all things Egypt, and dedicate at least one spread in every journal.  I used images from an old National Geographic here as well as stamps from my collection.

I absolutely LOVE where this spread is going!  The colours are so warm and bright.  This is one of those art journal pages where I may have trouble covering up the background.  Check out the yummy close ups below...

It was an absolutely fun filled, art packed, sprayage galore night!  If you missed it, check out the recording here:

Don't forget to "Join Crowd" over on Ustream so that recordings and live shows are emailed to you directly!

Lastly, my ClothPaperScissors Workshop DVD is now up for instant download!  A 77 min workshop with professional video for the insane price of $14.99!  Click on the DVD cover to see a preview as well as read some wonderful reviews!

See you tonight my friends for another episode of Stencil Saturday!!  9:30pm EST.
Much LOVE!  xox

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stencil Saturday and a WIP Art Journal

Happy Saturday my friends!  I am so excited that it's the weekend, and that it's Stencil Saturday!!  Here is the page we worked on last Saturday on Ustream.

I bought this REALLY cool book last weekend which has 400 word and phrase stickers.  I got it on clearance for $5, but you can find it here on Amazon.  It's called Sticker Nation.  LOVE

If you are new, Stencil Saturday is a free, live class every Saturday night at 9:30pm EST where I teach a different technique using The Crafter's Workshop stencils.  I hope you will come join us HERE!

If you missed out on the live class, here is the recorded video:

Yesterday a few of my friends were talking about UFO's (unfinished objects) and WIP's (works in process).  This is a huge subject for me as I have MANY unfinished pages, in multiple stages.  Recently I have learned to not worry too much about finishing each and every page, it's all about the process.

Here are a few pages that are in one of my handmade watercolor journals.  The journal has 20 pages, and they are all WIP's.

As you can see, lots of yummy pages, in all different stages of "done" (is a page ever really done??).  I need to take a day and add the finishing touches to each of these pages!

My question to you, how do you deal with WIP's and UFO's?  Do they bother you?

Welcome to all my new subscribers and friends!  I am blessed.

Much LOVE! xo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Positive Intention Art Journal

Happy Tuesday my friends!  Today is such an exciting day for me.  Today I started my first "100 Day Challenge".  You can learn more about it here if you are interested in learning more.

For me, this challenge is not only about the Law of Attraction, but about living positively every day.  It's about choosing to see the good. The good in myself, in other people, in life.

This is about choosing to focus on what I want in life rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

This is about enjoying life, getting my butt outside, and enjoying the beauty that is all around us.

This is about LOVE.  Loving myself, my family, my friends.  It's about focusing on love rather than judgement.

This challenge is about enjoying the process, enjoying the now while getting excited about the future.

This is about finding peace within myself, relaxing my mind rather than getting myself all worked up for no reason.

This is about releasing worries and enjoying the moment.  

 This is about being thankful for all the blessings in my life.  This is about being grateful for what I do have, what I have accomplished, and for all the wonderful friends I have met along the way.

I am beyond excited about this new journey.  I will continue to work in the Positive Intention Journal and update you along the way.

Thank you so much for reading, for your love, for your support, but most of all... for your friendship.

Much LOVE xo

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Trash and Stash Art Journals

I taped a short video for you all the other day flipping through my Trash Book and Stash Book.  I hope you enjoy!

I would love to see what you create!
Much Love xo

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stencil Saturday for Art Journaling

Welcome everyone!  Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my little part of the web.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend so far.  I have been arting and relaxing, couldn't be happier!

The above page was from last week's Stencil Saturday.  If you missed the LIVE class, you can watch the recording here:

I hope you enjoy the new camera view.  During this past Wednesdays' show I finally figured out my sound issues, so happy the screeching is gone!

Thank you so much to all the wonderful artists who participated in my Stencil Challenge.  I picked the winners on Wednesday night.  Congratulations to Sharon, Debi and Isle!  Please email me your addresses!  Please click on the about link to check out all the wonderful stencil fun!

I hope to see you all tonight on Ustream at 9:30pm EST for another stencil technique!  See you there my friends.

Much LOVE xo
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