Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stencil Saturday Art Journal Pages

Welcome back my friends!  It's been a wonderful week for me, I hope yours was just as awesome!

Last Saturday night during my Stencil Saturday Live Ustream Class we had a blast creating many different pages using a few different techniques.

I believe the page above was actually the second page of the night!  I was giving my Adirondack Color Washes and baby wipes some love.

This page was close to the end of the night.  I was getting a little punch drunk and had a good time sticking my hands in the spray ink!

This was the first page of the night, and the main technique.  I absolutely love where this spread is going, check out the yummy close ups below...

All stencils used are from the wonderful The Crafter's Workshop.  I am WAY excited about the new Julie Fei Fan Balzer's designs!!!

I love all things Egypt, and dedicate at least one spread in every journal.  I used images from an old National Geographic here as well as stamps from my collection.

I absolutely LOVE where this spread is going!  The colours are so warm and bright.  This is one of those art journal pages where I may have trouble covering up the background.  Check out the yummy close ups below...

It was an absolutely fun filled, art packed, sprayage galore night!  If you missed it, check out the recording here:

Don't forget to "Join Crowd" over on Ustream so that recordings and live shows are emailed to you directly!

Lastly, my ClothPaperScissors Workshop DVD is now up for instant download!  A 77 min workshop with professional video for the insane price of $14.99!  Click on the DVD cover to see a preview as well as read some wonderful reviews!

See you tonight my friends for another episode of Stencil Saturday!!  9:30pm EST.
Much LOVE!  xox


  1. Wow what amazing backgrounds - love the colour mixes and all the texture you've created - off for another look xx Hilda

  2. Beautiful backgrounds. I especially love the purple one. You do amazing work!

  3. I will be ordering my DVD's next week. Can't wait for it to arrive! I'm taking the 30 day Craft Cleanse, but surely, this is classified as a necessity, lol! BTW...Can you email me the name of the books with the word graphics in it? I seem to have lost the note I wrote to myself...thanks!

  4. Gorgeous, yummy close-ups! Thank you for reminding me to use my stencils and stamps that I have sort of forgotten about lately...I love your backgrounds! ~kath

  5. Very cool pages- I love crafters workshop stencils! I only have a couple. but I finally found some color wash ink and can't wait to try them! Thanks for your inspiration :)Come visit sometime

  6. Beautiful pages Paula. I love the orange and purple floral one. You have such great colour combinations

  7. nice art works .. love the backgrounds .. job well done .. keep it up .. thanks for sharing ..


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