Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning Needed

Hi everyone!  It's been a couple of days, I'm in somewhat of a funk.  I have been doing a whole lot of nothing, watching way too many Youtube videos.  It's addicting!  Simon is home again this weekend, so I haven't done any art thus far.  Watching a few vidoes on Minibooks has inspired me to work on this one again:

Inside 2
Inside 3

It's my 31 Mini.  The problem is, there is only 4 months left until I'm 32 and I haven't taken that many pictures this year.  Sad, I know. 

Speaking of sad (lol), my art room still looks like this:

Art room before

I am thinking I need to get rid of this table and put a nice square one right in the middle of the room.... right after I unpack all of the boxes of course.  I really don't have an excuse for this, other than I'd rather be creating with, rather than organizing, my stuff.

Here is another shot:

Art room before

Yes, I have a lot of room, and a lot of stuff.  Spring cleaning is definately needed!

I hope to be back later with some new art. 
Much LOVE!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moleskine Love

A few new pages to share:

I called this one simply "L's".  Repetively writing the letter L over and over has been something that I have done since highschool.  It started when I saw a book that my mother had where she did the same thing, from her highschool days.  I believe she did it to practice her cursive, I do it as a meditation.  No, that is not a picture of my mother, just another found relative from ART chix Studio that I bought many years ago.  The square type ink you see is just that, a small 1" square ink pad that I stamped lightly repeatedly.


This second page was inspired by a colleague I met while travelling a few weeks ago.  He asked me where I wanted to be in five years.  Oh so corporate.  I couldn't answer.  I once thought that I wanted to become a production manager, now in the Safety/Quality role, I'm thinking I'd like to persue that.  Then, of course, there is the side of me that wants to start a family, and pursue my art.  Decisions, decisions.  I do need to start planning with the end in mind, I just need to figure out where that end is.

On a lighter note, a friend of mine (Karen's Blog) just bought this awesome bag.  She is using it for her knitting-on-the-go supplies, but I think it would be a great option for mixed media as well.  Let me know what you think, or if you have one.  Seriously cool stuff.

Much LOVE!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal- Soar

Soar close up

I participated again at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal.  As you can see, it's a very busy page.  Lots of craziness going on in my head lately (including this silly sinus cold!).  I let it out in layers in my journals.  You can see my new Prima swirl stamps, as well as borders and embellishments from K&Company

Here is the full two page spread:


If you look at the closeup you will see swirls in the gesso as my first layer, with mulitple layers of paint, ink and stamping on top.  I also have some (old) scrapbook paper and tape thrown in there.  The script printed tape is from 7 Gypsies, a scrapbook company that I have loved for years and years.  This paper tape is pretty new though.

Moving along with my BPJ (Black page journal), here is another Paris themed spread.  I've been working on this for awhile.  Yes, I work on mulitple pages at once, which is why some of them take weeks to complete.  I currently have 9 pages/spreads in various stages of completion.

Paris Perhaps

That wonderful coffee/tea cup stamp is from a vintage Club Scrap kit, stamped in Gesso.  Lately I've been mixing up what I'm using to stamp with, sometimes ink, sometimes paint... many times both on the same page.  I love the grunge feel of using paint rather than ink.  If I'm stamping in black, I usually using my Memories ink pad, as shown here with the Eiffel Tower.  Speaking of the ET, the image on the left is a card that flips over for my journaling, which is hidden in this picture.  The tiny pink ET on the ticket is my own carved stamp, I just used a simple eraser from the dollar store, so simple and fun!

I hope everyone had a great Monday!  Yes, I am very lucky to have a man like Simon.  I think he doesn't mind so much because it's not very often that I drag him to an arts and crafts store.  He can also watch how much I spend.  ;)

Much LOVE  xoxo

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday is for Shopping

It's been a different day here in my household.  Normally Simon (the Man) works on the weekend, but his schedule has changed and he was home today.  This has kind of put a kink in my weekend art routine, but it has been nice spending time with him.

He humoured me by accompanying me to the local scrapbook store.  I have only been to this particular store twice in the 2 years I've lived in the 'burbs of Toronto.  I specifically went for some new Tim Holtz inks, but came away with this:

New Haul 2

It was so hard to pick just 6 of the 12 new colours of Distress Inks, but I did it.  I was beyond excited to find those new stencils, I absolutely LOVE that line from the Crafter's Workshop.  After visiting their site, I want even more of them.  ;)  I am also super excited about the Grunge Paper.  I have used Grungeboard, so the thinner paper was very appealing. 

New Haul

I saw those stamps by Prima and just had to have them.  I think they are older, the package says 2008, but they are right up my alley.  :)  I also bought a bunch of new Basic Grey, loving that "paper ribbon".  The rubber stamp looking thing is actually a tool for applying ink called InkEssentials Blending Tool.  It comes with the little foam pads to give a softer feel then  the direct to paper technique I normally use.  I also bought that one reinker to mix with water to create my own spray ink.

After the scrapbook store we went to the mall.  I was able to score a few of these wonderful little journals for a very good price, I'm still excited about it!

Bargain Journal!

It's about 4x6 and has handmade paper inside.  I have no clue as of yet what I'm going to do with it though!

Just for fun, here is another Baby picture:

Baby Loves my Journal

Yes, that's my Moleskine and laptop under her.  :)
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guest Gutter Girl

I had the pleasure of being this months guest designer at GutterGirlz, and what fun I had!  Head over to the blog to see the prompt, here is what I created with it:

Everybody Knows

A Moleskine page.  This page was a happy accident.  While travelling last week my jar of (Golden!!) gesso leaked, I just slapped it over the pink acrylic background I was already working on.  Because of the leak, I used more gesso than I normally do and I love the texture it created.  Random stamping and Signo white gel pen on top.

You love Me

Some real journaling going on here.  I think it's something many of us women struggle with sometime in our lives.  This came out of my BPJ (black page journal) which, if you've been following, you haven't seen in awhile.  Multiple layers of acrylic paints in pinks, white and cream to get the depth.  Lots of scrapbook supplies going on here.

This Broken Feeling

Another BPJ entry.  :)  My favourite part of the page is the Prima flower border at the bottom. 

This boat is sinking

Back to my spiral bound journal.  This page has multiple layers of acrylic and water colour paints.  Layers of gesso, collage and stamping as well.  That's the one benefit of not taking any fine art classes, I'm ignorant of the "rules" when it comes to mixing medias.  :)

I will not be caged

Last, but not least, another red and yellow page.  I really loved how this turned out.  The base was from leftover red/yellow paints from the page in my last post.  I added some stamping, Titan Buff acrylic paint and scrapbook supplies to finish it.  It may be hard to tell, but the flower, bird and cage images at the top left of the page are actually a 4x6 transparency.  I love buying the 4x6 sized packs of scrapbook paper to use in my journals, I find them a good deal because I get many differnt patterns rather then buy the 12x12 sheets seperately.

Please visit GutterGirlz, there are many talented ladies over there with lots of inspiration.  And hey, who doesn't like to be in the gutter once and awhile?  ;)

Before I go I want to thank everyone for the feedback, it helps a lot.  I've been quiet the past few days thinking about what kind of tutorials I would like to put out there, but again, requests are always welcome.  :)

MUCH Love everyone!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Help, Please!

Happy Monday all!

Ok, so Monday's are never very happy for me either.  Here is a bright page to cheer us both up!  ;)

Half Full

I was hoping you wonderful readers would be able to answer a few questions for me.  I am coming up to six months of blogging, and I'm wondering how I can make my blog better.  Tutorials?  More art?  More words?  More personal?  I would also like to know what the best way to answer comments.  I try to visit the commentors site, but I know some people answer back in the actual comment section of the post.  Is that the best way?  Do you ever come back to a comment to see if the blog owner replied?

I'm rambling now, need more coffee.  ;)

Have a great day, I truly appreciate your thoughts.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Hopping

I've been so inspired lately from many blogs I follow, here are just a FEW:

MonicaPavement Artists  Monica is one of my fave artists.  Her videos are wonderful.  In this post she shows pictures of the most amazing dimensional street art, a total must see!

 Lisa C.:  Zendala Madness  I love the look of Zentangles and Mandalas, Lisa combines both in this post.  I also love the concept of mindful doodling, I must try this someday.

Orly  Orly inspires me to no end, every page she posts is such an artistic wonder to me.

Lotus:  4" Spine Journal  Yes, you read that right, a wonderfully HUGE journal that I drool over every time I
see it. 

Glue + Distress Ink = AWESOME!  Just found this blog today, such great techniques here!

JanetCrow Carved Stamp  A beautiful stamp and journal page using it.  So inspiring!

Speaking of inspiring, I love visiting these two ladies: 

Stacy and Carin, beautiful ladies with beautiful pages.

As for what's going on in my art room, well lots really.  I'm working steadily on a deadline for GutterGirlz, I'm really excited about this!!  I am also working on another step-by-step of my process around this WIP page:

Blue WIP

Be back later!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Moleskine

Happy Saturday!

Into the Fire

I've been working on the above page for weeks, a little here, a little there.  I really like how it turned out in the end.

Family First

Another page that I worked on while travelling.  Everyone loves some instant ancestors right?  ;)

Go Away

This page is much more vibrant in real life.  All of these pages have stamps from this new Tim Holtz cling mount stamp set I bought at Archivers this week.  I LOVE it!!  I wish they had more from his line.  :)

Much Love xoxo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finally home, for good

I'm so glad to be home again, finished travelling for awhile I hope.
I had a good trip, Minneapolis is a great city.  I was even able to go to a Dick Blick, and to my surprise there was an Archiver's right next door!  I thought I had reached heaven!!

I unfortunately also came home with a cold, and my ears haven't popped yet from the plane ride home.  I wasn't able to create any art all week and I feel terrible about it, like something is missing.

Enough complaining, here are a few pages I finished before I left:

Let them out

Don't stop the Music

Thanks so much to all that have taken the time to comment in the last few days.  I will catch up soon!
Have a great night! 
Much Love

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal- March

Happy Easter!!

Here are two new pages from the "UN" prompt at a A Year in the Life of an Art Journal.  This one was hard for me, I could think of a many "UN" words that applied to my life at this point.  I narrowed it down to two, Unsent/Unsaid and Unleash.

Unsent, Unsaid


Both pages have multiple layers, acrylic paint covering up the journaling underneath.  Unleash started with journaling and doodling directly on the page, if you look at the largest size you will see it peeking through at the edges.

I am leaving again in a few hours for Minneapolis.  It definately sucks to be missing out on Easter dinner, but I'm sure there will be some wonderful restaurant awaiting near the hotel.  I'm excited because we are staying downtown, so it will be a nice change.

I haven't changed my art kit for this trip, to be honest I haven't even unpacked my suitcase from last week!  :)


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thoughts on Moleskines

i'm full
Originally uploaded by micisip

Good Morning all!

This wonderful picture is from an amazing artist on Flickr that I follow.

I chose this picture because it is the exact reason why I was so frustrated with my first Moleskine. The binding just didn't hold. This is the "purple one", the Sketchbook. Yes, it has wonderfully thick pages, but for the layers of media I throw at it, it just didn't work for me.

I am now using a thinner page version. I've been strategically gluing pages together so that the binding doesn't crack. This hasn't really helped the paint seepage that happens, but so far no cracking. The thinner pages have also given me the option to rip them and created flaps and pockets, which I love to do. I'm really happy with this journal so far... but I'm only 18 pages in. ;)

I also have a watercolour version of Moleskine. I have only used a few pages in it, and I'm trying to keep it as a playground for just WC's rather than the normal Mixed Media I do.

Here are a few more pages from my loving Moleskine journal:

Where do I want to go?

Reach Up

I hope this was somewhat helpful.  :)

Much Love

Friday, April 2, 2010

Home again with a few things to share

Happy Holiday everyone! 

I made it home late last night and it felt so good to sleep in my own bed.  I want to post a quick one with a few more Moleskine journal pages I finished in the hotel, and then come back and post about Moleskines.  I've gotten a lot of comments so I thought I'd do some research, give my opinion etc in a longer post.  I definetly have some strong, mixed opinions.  ;)

Who says?

The above page was so outside my comfort zone!  I pushed through the inner critic screams and ended up liking the final product.

New Eyes

Who knew you could do so much with limited supplies? 

Until later my friends.  Much Love  xoxo
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