Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finally home, for good

I'm so glad to be home again, finished travelling for awhile I hope.
I had a good trip, Minneapolis is a great city.  I was even able to go to a Dick Blick, and to my surprise there was an Archiver's right next door!  I thought I had reached heaven!!

I unfortunately also came home with a cold, and my ears haven't popped yet from the plane ride home.  I wasn't able to create any art all week and I feel terrible about it, like something is missing.

Enough complaining, here are a few pages I finished before I left:

Let them out

Don't stop the Music

Thanks so much to all that have taken the time to comment in the last few days.  I will catch up soon!
Have a great night! 
Much Love


  1. Welcome home Paula! It's nice to be in your own bed huh? I'm glad you got a chance to get to Blick's. And Archiver's? You lucky girl. It's like a candy store for sugar addicts. I LOVE Archiver's. I'm lucky enough to have both a Blick's and Archiver's within 10 minutes of me :-)

    I LOVE your music page... I"m drooling over the colors :-)

  2. Glad you are home!! These pages are great!

  3. Welcome home! Sorry about the cold! Lovely pages, I really love the cassette stamps- very cool!

  4. Hey, those cassette stamps are great. Love the colours in that first one. Great layers as always.

  5. Welcome back (((hugs))) from a distance on the cold. I love both those pages... gooooorgeous!
    Hope your feeling better soon, give yourself some TLC.

  6. welcome paula!!! i miss your inspiring pages!
    on my blog, there is a tiny little new born hedgehog-elf! you might want to welcome it, to its new blissful life!!!

  7. It's always good to be home. Your pages are always so beautiful and such an inspiration for me. I never seem to achieve that fantastic layered look but I keep trying.

  8. Love the pages you posted. Hope your ears unstop soon! I hate that ffeeling!! Enjoy your own lovely bed!!!

  9. Yea! Welcome home. :) Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Yes, so nice to be back to everything familiar and comfy. Look forward to your next arting. Love the deep rich colors.


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