Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning Needed

Hi everyone!  It's been a couple of days, I'm in somewhat of a funk.  I have been doing a whole lot of nothing, watching way too many Youtube videos.  It's addicting!  Simon is home again this weekend, so I haven't done any art thus far.  Watching a few vidoes on Minibooks has inspired me to work on this one again:

Inside 2
Inside 3

It's my 31 Mini.  The problem is, there is only 4 months left until I'm 32 and I haven't taken that many pictures this year.  Sad, I know. 

Speaking of sad (lol), my art room still looks like this:

Art room before

I am thinking I need to get rid of this table and put a nice square one right in the middle of the room.... right after I unpack all of the boxes of course.  I really don't have an excuse for this, other than I'd rather be creating with, rather than organizing, my stuff.

Here is another shot:

Art room before

Yes, I have a lot of room, and a lot of stuff.  Spring cleaning is definately needed!

I hope to be back later with some new art. 
Much LOVE!


  1. I so understand the funk!! I think we all get them from time to time. I create in spurts I think - lots for a bit, then nothing. I would like to change that. Be more consistent.

    Paula when my studio is a mess I have a hard time creating. Mind you, it gets very, very messy during, but I like to start in at least a fairly organized space.

    From the looks of it you have wonderful organizing containers!!! I think you would love it organized - and the table in the middle works best for me. I have a table on against the wall for my printer and stuff, but for working I like the table in the middle.

    And for you 31 journal, don't sweat it. Make a 32 one!!!! :)


  2. Oh...I so appreciate how you have taken pictures of your studio! I can't even bring myself to do it!
    I agree with Mary...don't sweat it...start anew!

  3. Wow, your room is fabulously messy! But you know what they say .... tidy desk, untidy mind (or something like that!) I would love a rummage in those boxes, I bet they are full of interesting stuff!

  4. Oh, how I'd love to rummage through all your supplies! Looks like there is a lot of buried treasure in there!

    I recently wrote a post on organising my studio space. Personally, I have to have some semblance of order to create. Obviously it gets messy while I'm working, but overall I need things tidy and organised so I can lay my hands on supplies quickly and easily.

  5. Yikes!! Get in there and straighten up that art room girl!! I bet it will help get you out of that funk and back to creating!! Just choose one section to tidy up today--you can't get that great table in there until you have some room for it!! And don't be too hard on your self--artists need time to rejuvenate--flowers don't bloom all the time--that little seed stays in the dark underground for awhile gather all the nourishment before it starts to sprout.

  6. There is a rhythm to creating that's for sure. I'm eyeballing some of those wonderful drawer caddies and drooling right along with Mary. Big table, in the middle of the room may be the best purchase you'll made, make sure you've got a chair with wheels :-)

  7. Lordy-ho... you should see mine. :O) I'm working off a small part of the diningroom table because my Office/Craftroom has become what we refer to as 'the land of Spare Oom'... goodness knows what's lurking in there.
    One Big Junk Drawer for everyone else in the house. (((hugs))) I feel your pain...

  8. yummy stuff... and i love to organize! So i'll trade you a room redo for lessons in journaling. if only i was a little closer!

  9. I can relate to the messy art room! Mine is so often just like that. I'm not sure what I spend the most time on - cleaning it up or creating some art.

    I really like your mini book idea. I guess mine for this year would be a 66 Mini!!

  10. I can so relate to being in a funk! I hope your's passes soon.

  11. My room was a disaster, and I hated going in there, and since I've cleaned it out (it's the only clean room in the house :) I love getting away in there, and I seem to be more creative. Just tackle one box at a time. It may take a while, but it won't seem like such a big job. I love your mini book too.

  12. Personally, I think doing a good spring cleaning is a good way to inspire your creative self again. You know, dig up that prized piece of paper (or whatever), that you knew you'd need. Or, just playing in your stash and call it cleaning.... lol

    Turn off the vids and play some awesome music and just immerse yourself in your room.

    Take it easy

  13. I love the messiness of an art room. :) Mine is a disaster too and I just moved my table to the middle of the room to add more storage to the wall where my table used to be - so hopefully I'll get it under control soon. I agree with Lotus, cleaning and organizing really helps dig up stuff you might have forgotten you had.

  14. It's not always easy for us "creative minds" to stay organized. Sometimes I find I am more creative in a mess! LOL. Good luck with your spring cleaning! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  15. Ohboy, we have a lot in common right now, both the messy room and the funk. Now that I wrote that I wonder if the two are connected?! Maybe I'll clean up a little bit tonight and see if I feel any better tomorrow! (Hoping your funk breaks soon too!)


  16. First I feel your funk. I get that way too, and it bugs me to no end, but it has always passed, and then I go on a massive creating spree. Not sure why that happens, but sometimes you just have to give your mind a rest I think.

    Second, Oh how i wish I lived nearby, I would so organize for you. :) I actually like doing it, and I bet there are tons and tons of goodies in those boxes. It would be like Christmas opening it all up and seeing what's inside.

    Third, I think a desk in the middle of the room sounds like a great idea. A nice good size one, so you can spread out. Plus like someone already said, a chair with wheels, so you can zoom around and get art supplies. :)

    Good luck to you!

  17. It looks like you really need to do a lot of cleaning and arrangements.
    Good luck!

  18. Yes I agree... I'd rather create than organize my studio.
    But, I will say this... you will end up finding something you forgot you had, and that is always a treat! :]


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