Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Help, Please!

Happy Monday all!

Ok, so Monday's are never very happy for me either.  Here is a bright page to cheer us both up!  ;)

Half Full

I was hoping you wonderful readers would be able to answer a few questions for me.  I am coming up to six months of blogging, and I'm wondering how I can make my blog better.  Tutorials?  More art?  More words?  More personal?  I would also like to know what the best way to answer comments.  I try to visit the commentors site, but I know some people answer back in the actual comment section of the post.  Is that the best way?  Do you ever come back to a comment to see if the blog owner replied?

I'm rambling now, need more coffee.  ;)

Have a great day, I truly appreciate your thoughts.


  1. Love your Monday morning page--it's really pretty. I would love some tutorials--how you do your fabulous pages!! I wonder what to do with comments also--if someone asks a direct question, I try to go to their blog to answer. Most people who comment on my blog, I follow also, so I go to their blogs when notified of new posts and comment then. It's too time consuming to respond to each comment every time. And if I leave a comment, I don't go back to the blog to see if there is a response--Also, personally, I really like to see the art and some comments about it--a little personal stuff--but not too long. I check my blogroll twice a day and try to go to all the blogs I follow, so it takes a long time if there are lengthy posts. Well, I guess this is a lengthy comment isn't it!!! LOL

  2. I'd also like to see more tutorials on here. Your work is so great, i'd love to know how you do them!

  3. hi! i'd like a tutorial from you!!!

  4. Argh, blogger hates me today!!!

    I'm on typepad now, which has a reply to comment feature, so I try to do it there, especially if it's about the post, because the answer might be relevant to other readers too. When possible, I try to reply on the other persons blog too, or if answer is too long, direct them back to my post. Personally, if I ask somebody a question, I subscribe to the comment feed so I can see if the person replies.

    I love tutorials. Also, I love hearing (short) personal information/ stories about pages, depending, of course, on what or how much you are comfortable sharing. Sometimes just knowing a tiny bit of info about a page can make you look at it with new eyes.

  5. oh this turned out gorgeous.

    I return to check on an answer but do forget. i don't mind bloggers emailing me, it can be really nice, but only if it ws a direct and important question.
    i tend to be lazy and just answer in my comments...

    would love to see more step-by-steps if you were inclined. i just love the procss so much.

  6. You know I would LOVE to see some tutorials on your layering process! That would be fantastic. As for comments, I try to answer with an email if one is available otherwise I visit their blog and respond there. As far as the personal part, I think that's up to each person. I share parts of my life on my blog but there are many areas that are off limits. If I think it's funny or if I would enjoy reading it on someone else's blog I'll write about it.

    I love coming here to see your art! You do some of my favorite journal pages.

  7. Happy Paula stalker here.....besides the obvious of tutorials, just pics. and writing about supplies used, love/hate or tecniques would also be good. Comments/answers within your blog posts would be easiest for you no doubt. I just love your journalings. Will get my s%$# together soon to get my posts up soon.

  8. I love the rich reds and oranges. A tutorial explaining your paint process would be wonderful! I love how you shared a bit about your personality and then created such a cheery, positive page! I try to visit the blogs of everyone who leaves me a comment.

  9. I love this journal page - I already saw it on Flickr this morning! I would love to see some tutorials on your blog, or a just a few pics along the way of how you created a page. Always interesting to see how someone else does something and your choice of colour and layers are fabulous.

  10. Hi

    just discovered your work on a flickr art journal site and love your layering and use of colour.

    I like a mixture of art and words. It's nice to know something of what a picture means to the artist. Would love tutorials.

  11. Love your Monday page! I like the bright for a drab Monday morning! I love photos so I can see what others are doing. I have also just learned so much from visiting other peoples blogs and seeing what new things that they have put up.

  12. I rarely go back to see if the blogger commented on my comment. I appreciate it if a blogger emails me. I realize this isn't always going to happen but if I ask a specific question a personal reply is good.

    I love your posts but tutorials are always welcome. Keep sharing your beautiful pages!

  13. I just found your blog and your page is definitely bright and happy! I always love to see peoples' work and perhaps the process, something amazing about seeing the process of creativity!

  14. Hey girl thanks so much for coming to my poor neglected blog LOL. I am being a good girl and getting back to it. I am so glad you are enjoying my utube videos. I am having fun and its getting me to work more in what I call my junk art journal. I have one for the mixed media and then one for my sketches and drawing. Just added some new ones this week. I am loving your blog and will be visiting it now.

  15. I always love to see a tutorial. Love this page btw!!!

  16. I love seeing everyone's process so I agree with the idea of tutorials, I dont mind seeing pictures of peoples lives(what ever they are comfortable sharing) as for comments I guess
    if you answer as many as you can . I mean you do have to create,right? I love the red and orange!

  17. I saw your photos in flickr...very beautiful! if you want try this:

    I think you can sell some photos and get some money.

    Good Luck!

  18. how funny I had these exact same questions and was going to ask them on my blog, but then realized I probably wouldn't get many answers, LoL! Glad you asked instead!

    Your pages are delightful as always. For me I would LOVE to see photos of your layering process, you are the queen!

  19. Tutorials would be great, I agree your layering is so fab I would love to have a go!

    About comments, I don't always remember to go and check back to see if someone has answered my comment on their blog, so I try to visit the blog of the person I was chatting to in order to answer any questions there... but that's just me!


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