Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thoughts on Moleskines

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Good Morning all!

This wonderful picture is from an amazing artist on Flickr that I follow.

I chose this picture because it is the exact reason why I was so frustrated with my first Moleskine. The binding just didn't hold. This is the "purple one", the Sketchbook. Yes, it has wonderfully thick pages, but for the layers of media I throw at it, it just didn't work for me.

I am now using a thinner page version. I've been strategically gluing pages together so that the binding doesn't crack. This hasn't really helped the paint seepage that happens, but so far no cracking. The thinner pages have also given me the option to rip them and created flaps and pockets, which I love to do. I'm really happy with this journal so far... but I'm only 18 pages in. ;)

I also have a watercolour version of Moleskine. I have only used a few pages in it, and I'm trying to keep it as a playground for just WC's rather than the normal Mixed Media I do.

Here are a few more pages from my loving Moleskine journal:

Where do I want to go?

Reach Up

I hope this was somewhat helpful.  :)

Much Love


  1. Lovely pages! I've never used a moleskin because of the binding. I like to bind my own or alter an old book.

  2. Very nice! Loving the color! I can't remember where, but I've seen artists rebind their moleskines by adding a wider spine (after journal was done). My friend just finished her first moleskine and she's thrilled to death that the journal fans out. lol..

  3. I too have a moleskine love/hate. Finally, I've determined that masking tape helps make it work for the mess I like to make!

  4. ooh those are nice. I say just make your own journal with the paper you like! :)

  5. Your pages just get better and better. These are some of my favorites yet!!

  6. Love these pages. Man I gotta get me one of them Flip video cameras. I want to make video's like you!!!

  7. Mmmm yummy pages :-) Like you I use so many layers and embellishments that I found my best solution was to take apart the bound journals and restitch them and create my own journals. Making my own from scratch has made all the difference.

  8. I love your style of journaling! very inspiring!


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