Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Moleskine

Happy Saturday!

Into the Fire

I've been working on the above page for weeks, a little here, a little there.  I really like how it turned out in the end.

Family First

Another page that I worked on while travelling.  Everyone loves some instant ancestors right?  ;)

Go Away

This page is much more vibrant in real life.  All of these pages have stamps from this new Tim Holtz cling mount stamp set I bought at Archivers this week.  I LOVE it!!  I wish they had more from his line.  :)

Much Love xoxo


  1. Really like your "go away" spread!! Love the colors!!

  2. Have I told you lately how very much I love your journal pages??

    I do! They're just fantastic!!

  3. love the pages, the colours the stamps are great, I have been looking for stamps by him, but cant find any in Alberta

  4. Ooh the into the fire page is fabulous!! I really love that one. They are all gorgeous, but that one really strikes me. Really inspires me. I do love myself some Tim Holtz products too. They are so versatile. Is it hard to find his stuff in Canada?

  5. Each of these pages are just incredible! I really want to go to Archivers now to get those Tim Holtz stamps!!

  6. Like the "aged" looking palette you've used to frame your beloved 'family' (**chortle**) -- good choice of shapes too as the circles offset the rectangles in the (postage?) stamps and photo - nice work :)

  7. LOVE 'em, especially the first one.

    buuuut... WEEKS!!!??? omg! I create a page spread in 15-40mins! You have much more staying power than me. lol I struggle to return to simple backgrounds I created days ago. :D

  8. Love, love your eye-popping color! My favorite is the into the fire spread...then again, some days I might choose the GO AWAY! Ha! Great work. :)

  9. OH MY GOODNESS, I just love these! Sorry I haven't visited in a while; but I have to tell you that your first page here is just stunning.

    I get what you mean by saying it took weeks. I used to think I had to start and finish a page before doing anything else. But now when I get stuck I just move on and add layers and bits when the urge strikes instead of forcing it. I have lots of pages in progress at once, I bet you do too!



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