Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Art Journaling DVD Is Finally Up for Preorder!

I am happy to announce that my ClothPaperScissors DVD is finally up for preorder!  It is on their "what's new" page here!  I am planning to have signed copies in my Etsy in the future when the DVD's ship, send me an email if you are interested so I can assure I have enough copies!

Why a DVD?  Well my friends, where can you take a class for $19.99 and have it to reference forever?  It's such an amazing value for 70+ minutes of technique goodness!  If you haven't seen my little preview of the goodness to come, check this out!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Big Art Journal Update

Welcome back everyone! First I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for being patient while I spent a few weeks in hiatus. I took some much needed rest while taking the antibiotics. I spent over a week in bed relaxing and healing. I can now say I feel back to 100%.

I also want to say thank you for all the WONDERFUL entries to the stencil contest!! I had such a great time looking at all the links and projects, you all did an amazing job! I will be choosing the winners live this Wednesday on my Ustream show at 9:30pm EST.

We now have had three weeks of my Stencil Saturday show and I am having a blast!  Here is project number one:

When you've got a bit of time, you can watch the recording here:

In week number two we focused on using light molding paste to create texture.

I will share the page from this past Saturday tomorrow!

I have been working away in my new "Trash" Journal.  It is loosely based on the K&Company "Smashbook" which is simply a coil bound book of patterned paper.  As I have a *tiny* stash of patterned paper, I thought I'd make my own.

I have been having such a wonderful time working in this!  I call it my Trash Book because I am using a lot of random bits and pieces that I my have thrown away previously. I am also enjoying the process of creating for creating's sake, not putting much thought into the work, not having the pages mean anything as they do in my art journals.  Here are a few examples of how I'm working in it:

As you can see, none of these pages are complete, that is the joy I'm experiencing in this book.  Just focusing on adding a bit here and a bit there.  I hope you try one!

Lastly, here is a sneak peek of things I'm playing with and trying for future Stencil Saturday shows!

I will be back tomorrow with more goodness!
Much LOVE my friends xo

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stencil Saturday and a Contest!

Welcome back everyone!  Alright, alright, so it's not really a contest.  As many of you know, I do not allow links during my live Ustream.  This is because we have been spammed in the past, and I do not want my viewers to have to put up with that.  The downfall of this is that we miss out on each other's wonderful blogs and Flickr pages.

To remedy this I am having a little link party.  I was amazed to receive a wonderful package from Crafter's Workshop.  They make my absolute favourite stencils.  I received so many that I was inspired to create a new feature for my live classes and blog called Stencil Saturday.  Every Saturday night I will choose a new stencil and technique to feature on Ustream, tonight being the first night!  I'm way excited, here are the stencils I will be working with:

I know what you're asking, what does this have to do with you??  Well, I'd love to see your work and your blogs (or Flicrk/Tumblr).  All you need to do is create a project of your choosing using any stencil.  You can use the wonderful ones from Crafter's Workshop, one you create, or any in between!  Blog about it mentioning my blog/ustream show and add your link below!  It's that easy!

I cannot wait to see everyone's projects and blogs!  I will randomly choose two winners for some stencil goodness on June 26th, that's two weeks for you to get creative!

Link away my friends!

Much Love xox

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Get Around... More Happiness!

Welcome back friends!  What a wonderful whirlwind of a day it was yesterday!  It amazes me that even though I am so sick, coughing up a storm and feeling exhausted so many wonderful things are happening!

I am proud to announce that I will be featured again in the upcoming Summer 2011 edition of Art Journaling magazine.  It will be out in stores in July, but it is up for preorder now!  If you're itching for a sneak peak, click the link and scroll all the way down to the bottom for a few pages from my article!

Speaking of preordering, check out the wonderful Pam Carriker.  I was absolutely thrilled when I found out Pam and I were taping our ClothPaperScissors Workshop DVD's on the same day.  I have loved Pam's work since the very first issue of Somerset Art Journaling magazine.

It was so wonderful to have support and be supportive during the actual tapings.  Here is a peek at Pam's wonderful DVD:

We were so happily surprised to find out how well our workshops worked together, it was almost if we had planned it.  I promise you my friends, you will NEED both.

Thank you SO much for the outpouring of support and love!  During this rough time physically, you all have cheered me up immensely.  

In case you missed it, here is my promo.  It is not up for preorder yet, but I will let you know as soon as it is.

I hope to see you all live tonight on Ustream at 9:30pm EST

Much LOVE my friends! xo

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Art Journaling DVD Promo!!

Welcome back everyone!  I have some exciting news, my ClothPaperScissors Workshop DVD  promo is up!

Check it out here:

This is only one of the many techniques I go through, I am WAY excited.  It was such a surprise to see this on Youtube after feeling so lousy the past few weeks.  I have a bronchial infection that I have some medication for.  I look forward to feeling better soon.  I want to thank Interweave for the wonderful opportunity.  My DVD will be up for preorder soon.

I also want to thank YOU all for the all love and support that has helped me reach this goal.
See you all tomorrow!
Much Love!  xo

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Art Journaling From The Couch

Welcome my friends!  I have missed you all so much.  I have had a challenging week, a week full of migraines and coughing.  I have made a doctors appointment for Monday morning to figure out why I've been so sick, so frequently these past few months.

When I am not feeling well and can't get into my art room, I take my art to the couch or my bed.  This week I took my little tote of supplies and my Moleskine and spent some time colouring.

I enjoyed the relaxing feeling of colouring with coloured pencils (pencil crayons as I call them).  I had previously painted these random faces with watered down craft paint, so adding colour with the pencils was easy.  These faces were inspired by the wonderful Dede

I also had a great time playing with the Sennelier Oil pastels that I got on clearance at Michael's in the pages below.  It was great just to learn how they blend and layer.  I didn't worry about the outcome of these five faces, it was about the calming process of creating them.

I also enjoyed finishing a few pages that were partially complete with some doodling and bits of ephemera.

It has been a challenging week, I am truly exhausted.  Through this exhaustion I found comfort in doing some art, playing with supplies I don't use all the time.

Thank you so much for all the love and support, I am truly thankful to have you all in my life.
Much Love! xo

Ps, back tomorrow with a little link party!  ;)
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