Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back to regularly scheduled programming...

Hi everyone!

First of all, thanks so much to all the wonderful new artists who have found me both here and on Youtube.  You all have helped me turn a very ugly injury to a joyous time in my life.  For that I am beyond appreciative.  All the comments and support have touched my heart in ways I couldn't explain.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here are my latest pages from the couch:


I really like how it turned out, the picture doesn't do the colours justice.  It's such a vibrant purple.  I love how it looks like wings where I closed the book on some wet water colour paint.  If I could go back, I'd take away the red swirls, but oh well.  :)  It's a process.


I feel like this page isn't done, like it's missing something.  Maybe a title?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I had fun layering all the browns on this page, it's about six layers of paint deep.  :)


I know some of you have seen me use a whole sheet of rubons before, but I just had to do it again!  So freeing for me to use the hoarded stash, and I just love how it turned out.  If you look closely you'll see the wonderful new stamps my friend Sharon gave me.  :)

I've moved some supplies over to my kitchen table to practice sitting at a desk everyday.  I go back to work one week from Monday.  I must say, I'm a little scared.

When you've got a spare moment, check out one of my wonderful friends Eveline.  She has some wonderful Zentangles on her blog, and some beautiful journal flips on her Youtube.  :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We all Scream for Ustream! And some goodness...

Hi all!

I have a somewhat scary (for me anyway) announcement.  I will be starting a LIVE show every Wednesday night on Ustream, starting next Wednesday.  I just love watching them and interacting, so I thought I'd do my own.  Here is the link: 
I hope you can join me there next week for some fun!  :)

I'm just addicted to Youtube, as you've read in my last few posts.  I've been uploading a vid a day, hehe.  Today I posted two vids on what supplies I love to use.  Check it out!  I am so inspired by so many wonderful artists out there that are posting thier creations.  Look at this AWESOME idea on how to store all the tags and ATC's you've been making.  Bona is a sweetie and always has something inspiring to share.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday, I will be back soon with some pics of what I've been working on lately!  Thanks SO much for all the love and support you all are giving me, it is truly amazing and very much appreciated.  My ankle is feeling slightly better every day.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Follow a-long with Paula!

Follow a-long with Paula!
Originally uploaded by joycerodli

Hi All,
Quick post tonight. I'm busy making vids! Check out my channel to see my newest two, a tutorial on how to use water colour crayons. :) It's just the start to the series. 

The above is a wonderful spread from the wonderful Joyce who has been following along. She is just too stinkin sweet!

I also had fun last night creating a Zentangle.  I really think it's just a Zendoodle, hehe

Zendoodle closeup

And I can't help but post this sweet pic of Baby!

Baby Love

Until tomorrow everyone!
Much Love!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Must Read List...

Hi Everyone!  :)

Check this out:


I actually decided to pick up a water soluable pencil and draw this afternoon.  I love how it turned out!  I was inspired by Leslie, the owner of the Art Journaling Ning.  Her blog is listed below.  This got me thinking.  As I don't have one of those favourite people lists on my blog, I'd post about the artists that inspire me daily.  This is an addition to the ladies in this post, as well as this one.

Bren has such amazing texture in her work, I'm inspired everytime she posts! 

I first saw Arlene's wonderfully distressed work on Youtube and instantly became a fan.  She is SUPER sweet and talented and I just LOVE her.  She makes the most amazing Mini Albums... ahhh....

I found Leslie through Youtube as well.  She has some great art journaling as well as book making tutorials.  She has recently been drawing a lot, which is what inspired the page above.

I just love Jonathan's (aka Artistic Biker ) Ustream show every Thursday night.  Check out his site for the time/place.  SO much fun to watch him create live as well as chat.

I've been a fan of Janet for awhile, found her work on Flickr.  She's updating her art room, and always has such great pages to share!

Last, but definately not least, Julie.  She is a scrapbooker, art journaler and quilt artist.  I just adore everyting she does.  I might of linked her before, but she's definately worth another shout out. 

These are just another few of the amazing artists out there that inspire me.  Check them out, show them some Love.  :)

Another completed page:


I've now uploaded a total of six technique videos!  I also did a fun Vlog that I will be doing every Wednesday, called Art Thoughts from the Couch.  :)  Check it out if you'd like to hear me ramble.  lol  :)  I made myself laugh in it, that's for sure.  I also uploaded a vid today about a WONDERFUL RAK that I got in the mail.  It just floors me that there are such kind people in the world.  I say OMG about 50 times, but it's a fun watch, especially if you like ephemera/collage type supplies.

Thanks so much for reading, supporting, commenting and all the well wishes.  I truly appreciate every one of them!!
Much LOVE xoxo

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Colorful Art Journal Pages and Tutorial

Hi All!

Ok, grab a drink, go to the washroom, get comfy, and stay awhile.  I have lots going on and lots to share in this post!

Scrappy Art Journal tutorial
I've been asked so many times, and I've taken the plunge.  Wanna create this page??  I've finally made a tutorial series that will show you how I layer.  Yes, yes... it's free.  I'm really excited to share this with you all, I am having so much fun!  Many years ago I used to work and teach in a scrapbook store.  I loved it, helping and inspiring others, sharing my passions.  These videos have sparked that teacher (aka enabler, hehehe) that has been neglected for so long.  I have made four videos so far. 

Check them all out on my Youtube:  Journal Artista 

Please don't forget to rate/subscribe/comment... all that goodness.  :)  It is much appreciated.  Thanks so much to everyone that has commented so far.  I'm just so happy that others are learning and enjoying, that I'm able to inspire others to create. 

There is lots of creating going on on my couch as well, here are a few:


I Feel Free

I really love how these pages turned out.  I seem to be in this creative groove lately.  Maybe it's the pain meds.  LOL, just kidding... I hope!  ;)   Seriously though, the second one was so fun to do.  The layering of paints on the flower was a first for me, and I love how it turned out.  I did the page almost entirely with craft paints, except for some titanium white on the flower.  I really want to paint and draw more in my journals, I'm starting to feel more comfortable. 

I've finally finished another page for the Year in the Life of an Art Journal.  It feels so good to challenge myself, change it up a bit.  The prompt was Tangled.


I have been making those tangles on the right since I was very young.  I loved colouring so much I would just draw this big mess and colour it in.  I've always found it relaxing.  That square pattern stamp is from Club Scrap. 

Here are a couple of new pages from my new journal.  Number 7, can you believe it?


Love L

Love R

I see a slightly different style emerging from me within this journal, not sure why... not sure even if it's any different, it could be just the size of the journal that is playing with my perception.

On to non-artsy things.  I got the staples taken out of my leg today.  What a weird and terrible experience!  The accident was two weeks ago tomorrow, and today was the first time I saw my foot.  It looked so scary!  I have been saying that I broke it in two places, but I was informed today that I actually broke it in 3 places.  I am a proud owner of a screw, 6 pins and a plate.  I also had about 30 staples that they removed.  As a good scrapbooker/art journaler, I busted out my camera and took pics of my foot and the xrays.  Crazy eh?  The strange thing is, I can look at the pictures and it doesn't seem like me.  Denial I guess.  :)  The good news is, I'm apparently healing well.

Phew!  I think I'm done!  I'll be back tomorrow with some cool new links I have to share.  :)  Thanks to those that have sent so many well wishes my way, it has helped me more than I can express.
Much Love!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Reflecting on my Art Journaling Beginnings

Hi all!  I uploaded my first tutorial vids early today on Youtube.  You can check them out here:  My Channel  I have lots of ideas swirling in my head. I just want to share this passion I have, so art journaling can hopfully effect others as much as it has enriched my life.

This got me thinking about how I got started.  Here is my very first page, from July of last year.  My journaling has changed so much in a year, it amazes me to look back.

First page

As I've said before, I am a scrapbooker.  It was reading Somerset's Art Journaling magazine that pushed me to research the art form.  This lead me to the WONDERFUL Samantha Kira.  Her videos on Youtube were the catalyst for my art journaling.  Watching her vids totally changed my life and helped me realize that I could do this too.  I've incorporated a lot of things she's shared into my own "style", and to this day I follow her like a lost puppy (hey, it was better than Stalker, lol).  All kidding aside, this girl ROCKS.  She has a new class up over at the Art Journaling Ning called True To You.  It's definately worth the price, and seriously people, she is super talented and super sweet.  Please check her out and show her some Love.

I look forward to another year of learning and sharing.   I am excited to see where my art will go next.  I really hope you check out my new vids, and give me some feedback.  It was really fun to do.  :)


(PS, for those who have been following, I got a message a few weeks ago that my article int AJ magazine was bumped out of the July issue and will now be in January.  Just another reason why May was so hard for me.  I look forward to January!)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some Couch Art Pages!

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  It's been one week today since I've stepped outside.  I don't plan to either until Wednesday, which is my first follow up appointment.  :)  My parents surprised me yesterday by coming over with a few gifts.  I'm now a proud owner of a Tilt-a-Table which is such a blessing!!  I can pull this table right under the couch, and create some art.  :)  My mom also bought me some yoga pants, which I'm very grateful for.  Can't wear my regular jeans with this fun cast.  :)

Here are a few new pages:

No Fear

I've been working on this page awhile, and finally felt the mojo to complete it.  No Fear seemed to be the perfect title for what I'm going through.  It's hard, damn hard, but I have to face it without fear.  As you can see, I'm really having fun with the hand cut titles.  :)

I will Transform

I really enjoyed working on this spread.  From start to finish it just felt "right".  Mulitple layers of acrylics, ink, stamps... I really love that collage butterfly I cut out from a Somerset Mag collage sheet.  I only glued down the body, so it seems like it's flying.  This page is about how I am feeling like this cast is a cocoon, how I will emerge from this injury a stronger, more healthy person.

Seriously, have you checked out my Youtube yet??  I uploaded a video about what supplies I've brought down to use while doing my couch art.  :)  Yes, yes, what I'm using while I'm laid up.  hehehe.  Check out the vid here:  It's a really fun watch I promise.  ;)

Thanks again for all you wonderful support, kind words, and well wishes.  I treasure every comment.  I feel so blessed to have met such wonderful women and artists. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

A few art journal pages to share

Hi all!

I hope everyone is well!  I'm glad the weekend is here as the Man is home from work, and can take care of me, lol.  Poor him!  He has been really great this last week since my injury.  I am a very luckly lady.

After my first bath/shower with my new chair (so tiring!!) I got to go into my art room and pick a few things to bring downstairs to do some couch art.  I was trying to do a few things earlier this week and was getting super frustrated without my gesso.  :)  I will be posting a video later tonight on my little stash I got going on here, should be interesting. 

Here are a few pages I've been able to finish:

Just This

I've been working on this page a little here and a little there, never really happy with it.  I finally let go and called it done last night.  I really love those Melody Ross cards, I put one here on the top right.  They are from GCD Studios, I have a few different types of the embellishments shown.


This is a little different from my regular style.  On the left page I used coloured pencils to make multiple circles.  I then scraped white acrylic paint over them.  I like how the colours still peek through.  I then stamped some lips a few times.  On the right page I drew a coffee cup with water soluable charcoal pencils.  I'm still not comfortable sketching or drawing, which is what the spread is about.  I like how the cup turned out though, it could be simply because I'm addicted to Starbucks.  :)


I wasn't sure where I was going with this last page.  The border strips/patterend paper are from Graphic 45 again.  I am having fun with this company's products, so vintage and fun.  These are from the On the Boardwalk collection.  I used my Red Pepper Adirondack paint dabber quite a bit.  I just love Ranger products in general.  I was inspired by the lovely Julie at Balzer Designs during one of her Prima Ustream classes to hand cut my title.  I definately need some practice, but I am happy with how it turned out.  I think I went a little bit overboard with the swirls on this page.  :)

Have a great start to your weekend everyone, and don't forget to check out my Youtube, I am having way too much fun with these vids.  :)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

A new Vid Posted!

Hi all!

I have no new pages to show you today.  I am finding it harder than I thought to work on pages while on the couch, mostly due to the fact all my supplies are upstairs.  I am able to get the man to bring a few things down every day... but it's frustrating.  :(   In the meantime, I have been recording some videos for YouTube which I am really enjoying!  The strange thing is, I have no problem talking to myself while recording.  hehehe

Here is the first vid on my BPG (Black Page Journal):

I've decided to post links as some of you cannot watch the vids when I embed them here.  I hope it doesn't bother anyone.  :)

I've had a rough day today.  When I woke up this morning I fell coming out of my bedroom in the hall way.  I totally did a face plant.  I layed there crying for about half an hour before pulling myself up and getting back into bed.  I don't think I damaged anything, but it hurt so bad.  Argghhhh.  I don't want to be afraid on my crutches.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my video.  :)
Much LOVE xoxo

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A thank you and an update

Good evening all!

First, I want to express my gratitude to all those who have left comments, sent emails and generally showed me Love.  I cannot say how thankful I am, and how much it has helped me in this new adventure.  This has been so trying both mentally and physically.  As a Safety Manager I speak so much about Life Changing injuries, I never imagined that it would happen to me... and how the simplest things in life have become huge obstacles.  I live in a town house with multiple levels of stairs.  I have to go up 15 (steep!) stairs to go to the washroom.  One trip up and down feels like a marathon.  I conquered that obstacle the first day home, then when the Man went to work that night, I realized that I didn't know how to carry anything up the stairs with me.  I believe things happen for a reason, and over coming these little obstacles along the way are only going to make me stronger, and more appreciative for the little things in life.

Here is a picture of my new friend:

Let me introduce you...

I think it's called an "Air Cast", but it feels like it weighs 100 pounds!  LOL 

Now, back to art.  These are two pages that I finished just before my accident in my Moleskine:

Blah Blah

This first page is a little scary.  Or rather, the cat on this page is a little scary.  ;)  I am working on just sketching and not worrying what the outcome is... just trying something new.  A lot of random things on this spread.  The black and white stripes is some tissue paper.

Smell the flowers

I really like how this turned out.  I used some scrapbook paper as a background, and then tried to copy the flowers using swirls.  I used some handmade paper and a Ba sic Grey border fram from a sticker sheet.  I applied a thin layer of white acrylics over everything. I then added some purple watercolour paint right out of the tube and used my wet fingers to spread it across the page.  I finished with some Hero Arts alpha stamps for the title, with my own handwriting.

I've been trying to do a bit of art everyday so far.  It's hard because I'm limited to what I can have beside me here on the couch.  I plan on buying a table of some sort that fits under the couch so that I can work more easily.

Again, thanks so much everyone for your support and comments.  I truly appreciate all of you that have taken the time.  I will try very hard not to keep my posts so negative, please bear with me!

Much LOVE!
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