Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Colorful Art Journal Pages and Tutorial

Hi All!

Ok, grab a drink, go to the washroom, get comfy, and stay awhile.  I have lots going on and lots to share in this post!

Scrappy Art Journal tutorial
I've been asked so many times, and I've taken the plunge.  Wanna create this page??  I've finally made a tutorial series that will show you how I layer.  Yes, yes... it's free.  I'm really excited to share this with you all, I am having so much fun!  Many years ago I used to work and teach in a scrapbook store.  I loved it, helping and inspiring others, sharing my passions.  These videos have sparked that teacher (aka enabler, hehehe) that has been neglected for so long.  I have made four videos so far. 

Check them all out on my Youtube:  Journal Artista 

Please don't forget to rate/subscribe/comment... all that goodness.  :)  It is much appreciated.  Thanks so much to everyone that has commented so far.  I'm just so happy that others are learning and enjoying, that I'm able to inspire others to create. 

There is lots of creating going on on my couch as well, here are a few:


I Feel Free

I really love how these pages turned out.  I seem to be in this creative groove lately.  Maybe it's the pain meds.  LOL, just kidding... I hope!  ;)   Seriously though, the second one was so fun to do.  The layering of paints on the flower was a first for me, and I love how it turned out.  I did the page almost entirely with craft paints, except for some titanium white on the flower.  I really want to paint and draw more in my journals, I'm starting to feel more comfortable. 

I've finally finished another page for the Year in the Life of an Art Journal.  It feels so good to challenge myself, change it up a bit.  The prompt was Tangled.


I have been making those tangles on the right since I was very young.  I loved colouring so much I would just draw this big mess and colour it in.  I've always found it relaxing.  That square pattern stamp is from Club Scrap. 

Here are a couple of new pages from my new journal.  Number 7, can you believe it?


Love L

Love R

I see a slightly different style emerging from me within this journal, not sure why... not sure even if it's any different, it could be just the size of the journal that is playing with my perception.

On to non-artsy things.  I got the staples taken out of my leg today.  What a weird and terrible experience!  The accident was two weeks ago tomorrow, and today was the first time I saw my foot.  It looked so scary!  I have been saying that I broke it in two places, but I was informed today that I actually broke it in 3 places.  I am a proud owner of a screw, 6 pins and a plate.  I also had about 30 staples that they removed.  As a good scrapbooker/art journaler, I busted out my camera and took pics of my foot and the xrays.  Crazy eh?  The strange thing is, I can look at the pictures and it doesn't seem like me.  Denial I guess.  :)  The good news is, I'm apparently healing well.

Phew!  I think I'm done!  I'll be back tomorrow with some cool new links I have to share.  :)  Thanks to those that have sent so many well wishes my way, it has helped me more than I can express.
Much Love!


  1. wow! these pages are great! love, love, love the "free" page

    going to check out your tutorials once the kiddies go to bed tonight...thanks for sharing with us

  2. Thanks so much for sharing!! I'm really happy when I see what people are up to!

  3. These all look amazing! I cannot wait to check out your videos! Thanks :D

  4. Wow, your work is amazing! I'm heading over to youtube now!

  5. that's some amazing work coming from you!
    I saw one of your videos - loved it - loved hearing you speak too! :)

    Glad you are healing!!

  6. Paula--these pages are beautiful--what a different feeling from the ones that were pre audit. These feel so much lighter!! Haven't had a chance to watch you videos yet, but I have you bookmarked!!

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tag!!! I put everything on the follow a-long with Paula page and took a new picture! Happy happies.

  8. Some very nice work, especially in the new journal. Nice to know you're healing well, although it all sounds very scary with the staples and all...

  9. Hey P, just stopping by to show some love. :-) LOVE your projects as always! Gorgeous!!! Take care of yourself girl... hope you're getting your rest. :-)

  10. Great work! Your freedom flower page is dynamic as are your others. Having fun watching your vids, so I'm off to see what new ones you've added. Glad to hear you are mending well and it's wonderful how this accident has also given you the kind of time to branch out and find out just how much creativity lies within you! Oh, and I use to make those squiggly lines& patterns too, just so I could play with colour and design, never traditional in our creativity were we :-)

  11. I think you were born to make art and to share it. Don't let anything get in the way, you have a special gift. I really appreciate sharing in your journey.

  12. I'm playing catch-up on the blogs and WOW!!! There's so much I've missed here. First, I'm glad your foot is healing and doing better. These pages are just awesome! As soon as I leave here I'm going straight over to YouTube to watch your new videos.

  13. oh, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower page. gorgeous!

  14. Very cool pages and I like all your layers and colors that you use together.

  15. these pages are great!! and I really liked your videos -- really well organized and fun to watch. :)


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