Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some Couch Art Pages!

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  It's been one week today since I've stepped outside.  I don't plan to either until Wednesday, which is my first follow up appointment.  :)  My parents surprised me yesterday by coming over with a few gifts.  I'm now a proud owner of a Tilt-a-Table which is such a blessing!!  I can pull this table right under the couch, and create some art.  :)  My mom also bought me some yoga pants, which I'm very grateful for.  Can't wear my regular jeans with this fun cast.  :)

Here are a few new pages:

No Fear

I've been working on this page awhile, and finally felt the mojo to complete it.  No Fear seemed to be the perfect title for what I'm going through.  It's hard, damn hard, but I have to face it without fear.  As you can see, I'm really having fun with the hand cut titles.  :)

I will Transform

I really enjoyed working on this spread.  From start to finish it just felt "right".  Mulitple layers of acrylics, ink, stamps... I really love that collage butterfly I cut out from a Somerset Mag collage sheet.  I only glued down the body, so it seems like it's flying.  This page is about how I am feeling like this cast is a cocoon, how I will emerge from this injury a stronger, more healthy person.

Seriously, have you checked out my Youtube yet??  I uploaded a video about what supplies I've brought down to use while doing my couch art.  :)  Yes, yes, what I'm using while I'm laid up.  hehehe.  Check out the vid here:  It's a really fun watch I promise.  ;)

Thanks again for all you wonderful support, kind words, and well wishes.  I treasure every comment.  I feel so blessed to have met such wonderful women and artists. 


  1. Woohoo!
    That's the way to make lemonade out of lemons! What wonderful parents you have! To bring you gifts and something to wear! lol... Wonderful!

    I love the two spreads. The red one really sings to me!

  2. Wow - you are doing some great pages while laid up! Anything to keep your mind off the pain, right? Loved your video of supplies. You are set. Keep that ankle elevated and wishing you speedy healing!

  3. Great pages. Glad you've been able to create art while stuck in the house. I'll be sure to look at your videos.

  4. Wow Paula, what fab pages! I'm so glad you're still able to create.

  5. hope youre feeling better even though your laid up... great pages though, and like carin said its great that in spite of the injury you can still create!

  6. Such beautiful journal pages! I really love the butterfly and flowers
    on the red page! :)


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