Thursday, June 3, 2010

A new Vid Posted!

Hi all!

I have no new pages to show you today.  I am finding it harder than I thought to work on pages while on the couch, mostly due to the fact all my supplies are upstairs.  I am able to get the man to bring a few things down every day... but it's frustrating.  :(   In the meantime, I have been recording some videos for YouTube which I am really enjoying!  The strange thing is, I have no problem talking to myself while recording.  hehehe

Here is the first vid on my BPG (Black Page Journal):

I've decided to post links as some of you cannot watch the vids when I embed them here.  I hope it doesn't bother anyone.  :)

I've had a rough day today.  When I woke up this morning I fell coming out of my bedroom in the hall way.  I totally did a face plant.  I layed there crying for about half an hour before pulling myself up and getting back into bed.  I don't think I damaged anything, but it hurt so bad.  Argghhhh.  I don't want to be afraid on my crutches.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my video.  :)
Much LOVE xoxo


  1. Ouch ! Be safe and heal up quick !

  2. OHHH-I'm so sorry you fell!! Will check out your new video!!

  3. Geez. Hang in there girl. We are all pullin for you and so pleased you found us RR girlz and joined the party that Erin is throwin for us. Your artwork ROCKS!!!!!

  4. good tears! ;)
    Yummy video, a nice artistic way to enter into the weekend. Oddly enough the 'love mood' spread has got my attention...I'm going to go hunt down the layers how-to! Off to play while watching a movie. Happy happies.


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