Friday, July 22, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Art Journal Pages

Happy Friday my friends!!  It's been a long, hot week and I am so excited for the weekend!

I have been thinking again (uh oh), and feel like I want to share some thoughts on "bad" art journal pages.  Now, when I use the term "bad", I am only referring to how you feel about your own art, not what others may think.  Truthfully, I don't care about what others think, other than a hope that what I create and share will inspire others.

If you choose to follow me for any amount of time you will notice that I post pictures of all of my pages, no matter how I feel about them.  I have been art journaling for two years now, and it's taken me almost that long to come to terms with letting go of negative thoughts regarding what I create.  My goal is to have a blog that shows the real me, which may include some pages that some people may feel are "less than".  I'm good with that.

Art journaling is about the process for me, not just about making pretty pages.  Some pages turn out looking like a hot mess, and I am OK with that now.  It's what I needed to get out at the time, or maybe it was a learning experience on (how not to use) colour or a specific technique.

Many people ask me if I have a vision in my mind of how any given page will turn out.  It is very rare that this happens.  I mostly get thoughts of themes or ideas for techniques, sometimes an idea about layout.  When I sit down to art journal I use what's around me, colours that are appealing to me at the moment and just go with the flow.  This process is one that grounds me, releases the anxieties in my head, and makes art journaling enjoyable.

I hope that the next time you create you can attempt to let go and just create, without a worry about creating a hot mess.  As my wonderful friend Leslie always says, "Art Journaling, It's All Good!"

About a month ago we celebrated one year of me streaming live over on Ustream!  This year has brought so many new and wonderful friendships, a community I am proud of, amazing opportunities and MUCH LOVE into my life.  A big THANK YOU to each and every one of you that take the time to join me twice a week.  I truly love and appreciate you all.

Lastly, if you follow me over on Facebook (search for Journalartista over there and friend me!!) you know I'm looking for a puppy.  I created the above art journal page on Easter Sunday.  At the time I didn't really know why I chose the title "My Egg", and for a long time the page sat without any writing.  I now understand what my mind was trying to tell me at the time... it's OK if babies are not in my future.  I am not going to worry or stress about it any longer.

I know what you are thinking.  A puppy is not exactly a substitute for a child, but at this time of my life, I know it's the right decision for me.  I am SUPER excited, doing lots of reading and researching.  I will keep you updated!!

Have a great night, I will see you tomorrow for Stencil Saturday!!

Much LOVE xo


  1. I am just starting out art journalling and have already encountered those urges to remove pages or not include them in the body of it. It is those feelings and meaning that give substance to life. I dare some times we learn more from the yucky ones....
    Love your process...:)

  2. Great post! Have you seen Morkies? I'm thinking of getting one. Google to see them.

  3. Thank you Paula, a great post!
    Big love

  4. Love this post Paula--it's great to give ourselves permission not to like what we do, but still be happy with it, if that makes any sense.
    Good luck with your puppy search...and believe me, no matter what you decide to get--it WILL become your child--pets are the most loving beings, no matter what they are.
    P.S. I just got your DVD in the mail yesterday--I'm very excited to watch it. Congratulations!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful Permission Post!!! It's a great reminder! When I am working on a page in my journal, I don't know what it will turn out exactly, but it is what I needed it to be at that moment, so it's all good!!!

  6. These pages are so awesome Paula!!! I always love your work!

  7. Hi, I am in the middle of your video of last night's session on Ustream. My slow internet doesn't work well with streaming, so I usually watch the video the next day. I have learned so much from you. Your DVD is on my wishlist. Thank you so much for sharing your time and your knowledge.

    You mentioned that you wanted Gelatos. They are exactly the same thing as the Faber-Castell Gel Sticks that are marketed for children. I have ordered them as gelatos and as the gel sticks. The tubes are identical, but the price is much lower per tube when you buy the 12 pack of gel sticks. There is also a set of metallics. Check out the children's art section in stores. I have also seen them on Amazon. I love working them into a stencil and then brushing them very lightly with water before removing the stencil. It leaves a nice embossed effect.

  8. I love that you show us all your pages. We all see things differently and what may not seem good to you may be just the inspiration for another.
    Good luck with your puppy search. I have a minature Tenterfield terrier who is the most affectionate, loyal little companion I could ask for. She knows exactly how I feel everyday when I get home from work. They are such a stress reliever and can turn a frown to a smile in an instant. I am sure you will find the right puppy for you at the right time.


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