Friday, December 17, 2010

Youtube Tutorials

Hi all!

I have a much deserved day off from work today.  I have been extremely tired these past few weeks.  I am not sure if it's because my bone is healing, or if I'm spending too much time on my feet at work.  Maybe both.

One of my wonderful art friends put this playlist together for me, all my tutorials in one place!!  Thanks so much Kerri!

Of course you can always go to my channel to subscribe and watch what's new.  :)

Much Love!!


  1. I'm just getting into art journaling here myself. I've been away from doing artwork for so long, I find it's an excellent way to experiment and gain your confidence back with different mediums.

    Being relatively new to your blog and youtube channel, though I did browse several times I didn't see an actual tutorial or anywhere where you've given tips on the different types of journals and papers you might use.

    Do you make your own journals with watercolour paper or other types of papers? If you're buying them what do you generally look for?

    I too am a self-taugh artist and I think it's wonderful that you put out these videos, I could watch you all day but my bandwidth allowance for the month would defenitely be blown in mere days!

    Anyway thanks for all the useful information and keep them coming! I love your random style

  2. ((Healing Hugs)))
    Hope to see your smiling face this evening
    ((Many thanks Kerri))
    creative bz on ustream


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