Monday, January 24, 2011

Time to play with collage and paint for Altered Postcards

I have been participating in the 31 Day Challenge for 24 days now.  I must say, I'm completely exhausted.  I knew that cleaning and organizing my art room was going to be a huge challenge, yet I underestimated how tiring it would be.  Both mentally and physically.

I have been doing well, once my stamp shelves go up I can say I'm almost done.  I did do a little organizing today but I felt I needed a break, and did some art.  One of my great friends, Dede inspired me to just sit down and play.  I took a sheet of 12x12 cardstock and went to town, getting my anxieties down on paper.  I cut the cardstock into six 4x6 postcards that are now ready to alter and send to friends.

I chose the colours and papers based on the journal page I worked on during my Saturday show on Ustream.

I will be back soon with more art and art room update pictures!


  1. Hi Paula, I've been watching your progress on you tube--very inspiring--enough so that I'm cleaning my whole house out!! I love watching your progress, and you're getting there!
    And great article in Art Journaling--congrats!

  2. Wow Paula, those are great. You have worked your backside off since the 1st and so deserve a break. It took you 3 weeks, but you finally got me to movin' and organizing my ton's of stash. Thanx for the continued inspiration, my friend.

  3. Love your postcard backgrounds! Wonderful spread about you in Artful Journaling! Congratulations!

  4. You've been doing amazing things with your art room girl! I've tuned in for several of your videos as you've worked so hard. Organizing is hard on the brain as well as the body! Love these pages so I'm going to go watch the video that inspired them. Again Congrats on being published and almost completing your room!

  5. you are doing great and love the 4 x 6s

  6. these are mega beautiful, as all your work is! (sigh) I have been trying so hard to love my own work but having such a hard time today! Just that kind of day though, no biggie! Your room is looking great and can you even bear to think of all the work you will get done now that your of the couch!!!!!!! :D

  7. I love your postcards, the colors are great! You are doing a great job organizing your new room, almost done!

  8. Hey Paula how have you been?? hope to catchup with YT vids soon. juzt wanna let you know that i bought the art journal magazine and saw all your wonderful, amazing work of art from your art journal. Congrats!!
    oooohhhh....looks like you've been busy here;)
    Keep in touch and Take care;)
    Lotsa Luv
    July (itsaworkofart)

  9. There is not a time that I regret while looking into your creations. I hope you still make fantastic post cards like this.

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