Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crafter's Workshop Stencil Hop

Welcome friends!!

There are two things I absolutely love:  Crafter's Workshop, and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  When I heard a few months ago that they were teaming together I was ecstatic!!  Julie is one of my most favourite artists.  Her style and approach to art inspires me to no end, and I am ever grateful!

When I was asked to participate in the Stencil Hop, I actually jumped for joy!  Unfortunately, due to the wonderful mail system I have yet to receive this beautiful stencil:

It is called Triangle Plaid, and comes in both 6x6 and 12x12.  It is only one of the multiple fantastic stencil Julie has designed.  Click on the link and see all the other fantastic designs.  My favourite is the faux sequin waste, brilliant!

In honour of Julie I wanted to dedicate a page in my art journal to her, and how she's inspired me:

Collage image of Julies' stencil design is her copywrite and used with permission.  I love her logo!!

I created this background using gesso, a pallette knife, Crafter's Workshop stencil "Flower Frenzy" and multiple layers of acrylic paint.  This was part of my ongoing Ustream Stencil Saturday classes.  Unfortunately, I was (and still am!) having internet connectivity problems, and it didn't record.  I will be teaching this technique again this coming Saturday at 9:30pm EST with Julie's stencil!!

Can you believe all that texture is just from gesso?  I absolutely love adding a dimensional element to my backgrounds, mostly to have something fun to run my hands over when paging through my art journal.

Check out this older Youtube video tutorial using a technique inspired by Julie and another Crafter's Workshop stencil, simple and stunning!

Thank you for visiting my blog, please check out the other fabulous artists in this stencil hop!!

Paula Phillips - You are here!  :)

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer - our wonderful host!

Much Love xo


  1. great page Paula. I can't wait to get my hands on this stencil myself!

  2. Oh I really want some of her stencils! Love what you did!

  3. Love the new "Julie Stencils". Love the spread. Excited that you are involved with the fun Stencil Hop. Sending positive vibes to you for the Internet fix!

  4. Wonderful way to use the stencil - need to add this one on my ever growing list! LOL!!

  5. very very cool. Love how you used the packaging in your piece!

  6. Beautiful Art Journal!! Now I have to pull out my gesso....

  7. You rock! Way to make lemonade out of lemons! I'm excited for your show on Saturday! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. So cool to have parts of the stencil highlighted. I have do try that myself

  9. Wonderful use of texture! Such vivid and striking colors.

  10. This is FABULOUS and I can just imagine how GORGEOUS the spread will be once you DO GET the actual stencil. That dang US/Canada postal/customs thing drives me crazy also.
    GREAT JOB and CONGRATS on being part of a GREAT stencil Blog Hop!!!

  11. Oh WOWZAH! I love what you did with this stencil! The darkness of the page with Julie's logo lightning up from it... gorgeous!

  12. I have an artist friend that I have lost touch with for some time, but I have some of her paintings that were drawn using Elmers Whit Glue. When it dries hard it is semi-opaque but gives a great texture and provides somewhat of a resist to paint. Maybe this can be used to design book covers too. I know the full size paintings I have look very striking with a two colour paint (Blue and Yellow Ochre) with the high-lights showing through like pearlescent white.
    I also had another artist friend that used wallpaper samples to get the texture.

    Just some thoughts.

    Vancouver, BC

  13. I'm a new visitor to your blog. I like your style a lot. I notice that you use those large scale Dymo looking letters on a lot of your pages. What are they?

  14. This technique is amazing! I had to run right up to my studio and give it a try. I think that the larger circles with blue showing through look like images of the moon! My spread came out awesome. Thanks so much for showing this technique.


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