Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mixed Media Drawings on Post Cards

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone is safe and warm after the wonderful snow a lot of us North East Coasters got in the last few days.

I have been struggling lately and decided to take a challenge out of this wonderful book.  It was a challenge to mindlessly make collage backgrounds.  Here are my results:

I cut the larger sheets into 4x6 postcards and have started drawing faces onto the random backgrounds.

My Bella, still a WIP

I have really enjoyed taking such random backgrounds and painting over them without thinking about placement.  Such fun things magically appear! 

By request, I will be streaming tonight on Ustream at 9:30pm EST and we will create similar backgrounds together.  If you'd like to play along, gather these supplies and get ready for fun!

- a few pieces of large paperboard (such as cereal boxes) or heavy weight cardstock Note:  You may want to gesso these prior to the show, depending on your style.  I will be!
- 3 random inkpads if you have them
- 4 colours of acrylic paint
- your favourite paint brushes
- black waterproof marker, such as a Sharpie
- scraps of patterned paper (scrapbook or handmade)
- random flat collage material (book pages, bits of other artwork, tickets etc)
- a random magazine
- 4 random coloured pencils
- something to create texture, think bubble wrap, a sponge etc
- stamps, waterproof ink if you have it
- Stencils, spray ink

Have these out and ready.  I know a lot of us have all these things on our worktables surrounding us all of the time.  However, take the time to gather what's on the list.  The fun of this challenge is to use limited supplies.  Please leave your expectations at the door.  :)

I hope to see you tonight!  
Much Love,


  1. Sounds like fun! I'm definitely going to try to be there. (That sounded goofy, "definitely try" but you know what I mean.) lol

  2. beautiful postcards - they will be a positive addition to the postal service!

  3. That was fun. Which exercise/chapter was this in?

  4. I have the book, but the typeface is so small and dim that I'm having trouble reading it. :(

  5. So glad that you are streaming again.

  6. Wonderful and I love your cat!

  7. I wanted to say thank you for doing this on Saturday night. I also wanted to show you my result... can't wait to use the backgrounds =D

  8. great fun been doing the same thing lately :) it's very rewarding and I love your pussy cat xx

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