Thursday, October 3, 2013

Who are you watching?

Yes!  I finally figured out how to fix my domain, so we're back for good!  :)

I found this saying while browsing Instagram (I'm Journalartista over there too, I would love to follow you!) and it spoke to me.  I immediately created this page to remind myself.

I love this saying because it means something different to everyone who reads it.  The procrastinator and self-saboteur in me got a wake up call!!

The beginning of this page actually started like this:

I am IN LOVE with all of Seth Apter's new stencils!!!!!!

I find that the messier my mind, the messier my pages become.  I have been going through some rough times but I am committed to getting better every day.

Much Love my friends,


  1. I am so glad you are back. I was so sorry when I couldn't seem to find your blog as I am not on Facebook or twitter so I wouldn't be able to follow what you are doing at the moment I have been watching your recorded videos on Ustream but there aren't any recent ones. and as I live in England the time difference means I can't tune in to your live.broadcasts. It's great to see you back.

  2. YAY!! Welcome back, my friend! We were all here just a waiting on ya!

  3. WB, beautiful lady! How long? How long? Great reminder TFS.

  4. I've kept your blog in my Favorites folder on my computer...just hoping you would re-appear some day. Yey!!!

  5. So glad to hear from you again, my friend! I do hope that you will be broadcasting again on Ustream. I've missed you so much! Much love back at you!!!

  6. Yeah Paula, So glad you are back and love this page. When will you be back to Ustream???? Soon I hope. I agree times of been difficult this year, it has probably been my worst year ever so I have done little art, mostly just watched others and wished it was me. Guess I need to get back to my art. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. WooHoo! Welcome back! We've missed you!

  8. Ravie de vous trouver!!!!!!!!!! a très vite

  9. Hi Paula

    I have just spent a cold.grey, rainy Sunday afternoon with you and you brought so much colour into my day:) I went on You Tube to learn about Art Journalling and found you!!

    Thank you, you have inspired me to take the plunge. I will be hanging on your every word from now on.

    Best Wishes


  10. I love your journal pages....always have, always will! Its been a while, and I'm so happy that I found my way back to your blog today. Love what you are doing!!


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