Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Stampin' Roots

After reading Tim Holtz's blog I was inspired.  I've been on this creative journey for over 10 years now, starting with stamping (well, starting with a kit I bought on the shopping channel, but that's another story).  It was my first love.  I still can't create an art journal page, or scrapbook page without some sort of ink.  I was inspired to create an art journal page as an ode.

Yes, I busted out my Distress inks and a few old stamps for this one.  Anyone recognize the old Club Scrap stamps??  I had to use them, as I was able to meet Mr. Holtz on the 2 retreats I went on.
What got you into art journaling (or papercrafting in general)? 
Have a great day!


  1. I love the colors Paula - looks great!


  2. I love ink pads too - especially using them smear, dab, blend, lighten, darken, age,...
    I started with ATCs and altered books before art journaling. It is so freeing to combine scrapbook techniques, doodles, collage, paint, found objects, fiber, fabric, magazine clippings!

    Lucky You! Attending retreats and meeting Tim Holtz.

  3. In the very beginning, it started at a Creative Memories scrap booking party where I was taught that --- embellishments and fun stuff=bad, expensive CM paper and supplies and cutting up your pictures=good. That ended quick.

    What really started me into all this paper-junkie-madness 2 years ago with the desire to make Halloween decorations. Halloween is my ultimate favorite holiday and I really love the creepy looking primitive-vintage stuff. -- Through one of those Google searches that starts at one subject and ends 3 hours later with another and a long trail of links, I discovered ATCs and altered books (I work at a library...taboo!) That was beginning...aaaah!

    I don't care what papercraft I'm into -- stamps are ADDICTIVE!
    Also, the fact that Tim Holtz is a man that crafts and is simply adorable is a fantastic excuse to use Distress Inks! =cD

  4. @Felicia-- hahaha, so gotta love Tim. I've just discovered Gary Reef on youtube, he's just as adorable!!
    Ahhh... CM. I'm so glad I didn't start that way (no offence to any CM lovers out there!). I actually ordered this scrapbook kit from Canada's version of QVC that had a Creating Keepsakes in it (I think this was 2000??), I never looked back.
    I still haven't created an ATC, although I'm starting to seriously consider it as there is some great art out there. It aslo gives me another way to use all the stamps I have. ;)

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

  5. I love your Ode page. Nothing like roots to give you wings even if the two don't seem to go together.

    I started journaling when I found a bead group and joined the cyber community and one thing led to another for the last 3 years and it is still leading from one to the next. It's a big world out here and I want to try it all it seems.


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