Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photography issues...

Ok, so it seems like I have issues with the actaul picture taking of my journals.  Flash=glare, no flash=colours that are blah.  Hmmm.  What to do??  Post both!  haha  All kidding aside, I'm going to have to find a better way to do this.  For now, here are two more pages I've completed.  I've been on vacation this week and am spending a lot of time in the art room.

You can check out my flikr (link to the right) so see the more "blah" version if you so choose.  I like these better.  I can deal with the glare, for now.
Have a great day!


  1. I'm loving your journal entries! The shine in the top one must be amazing in person!

  2. Beautiful pages! I sometimes take mine outide to photograph (even in the freezing MN weather).

  3. If you're on a PC try ''
    It's a free program based on Photoshop. If your pics come out blah w/out flash, try adjustments/levels and tweak a bit until the colorus are right. I use it all the itme for mine.
    Great pages btw, I love the top one

  4. Try putting your journal by a brightly lit window to take the picture. You don't want the sun hitting it but bright is good.

    I love your backgrounds regardless of glare or whatever.

  5. These pages have so much depth! I love them both - and that's some pretty brave journaling on the harmony page too.

  6. You can still see that the spreads are yummy, and that's the most important when you take photos. I agree with freebird, take photos by the window and turn of the flash! Have fun!

  7. Hey nice journal's the best thing to do when you're on vacation, right!

    as far as your picture taking, don't use the flash and just get a tri-pod! That way there is absolutely no camera shake when you take the shot without the flash. Do it by a nice white lit window...



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