Friday, September 17, 2010

A HUGE Update!

Ahh... Life.  It's been over three months since my injury and I'm nowhere near 100%.  I feel silly talking about it anymore.  My ankle still swells like crazy daily, I feel like there is a knife through my ankle every time I step... and I'm still just as exhausted.

Enough about that, here's what I've been working on lately:

This page was completed live on Ustream.  You can go back and watch the recording to see me get flustered when my technique doesn't go right the first time, hehe.  I really love how it turned out.  I was using Grungeboard with tin foil, it's a very 3D page.

Another Ustream page...  in fact, I think all pages I'm sharing today were done live.  :)  This page started a revolution, and a very good joke.  I used mulitple layers of stenciling and acrylics, and of course, Titan Buff.

I used the Portfolio brand of water soluable pastels and scratched into the background for this. 

Alcohol inks were the focus of this live show.  There is just so much depth on this page that you can't see in this picture.  I used lots of that wonderful printed packing tape that you can get in the dollar bins at Michael's.  

This page was inspired by the wonderful Diana Trout and her book "Journal Spilling".  She uses lots of water colour paints, which I am still not comfortable with.  I truly love how this turned out!  I was also utilizing my new Cricut machine that my wonderful friend Laurel sent to me for my birthday.  The cartridge is the "Summer in Paris".  If you watch the recording, I also make some homemade glimmer misting spray.

Again, another live show.  I was showing how to make your own glazes from acrilycs.  So vibrant in "real life", and so fun to create.  Yes, I am still using my retro scrapbook supplies!  :)

I had fun making a few ATC's in this show, and then encorporating them into my journal.  Check out the Canadian Tire Money as ephemera.  Love it!  :)

Yes, I have been working in my personal journals a lot, as well as my Artful Weight Loss journal.  Week 2 vlog is going up on Youtube later today, check out the challenge I'm throwing out there. 

Speaking of YT, check out this tutorial showing how to make your very own Glimmer Glam Paint I shared a few weeks ago...

Sooo much going on creatively for me right now.  I am participating in 21 Secrets, a HUGE, AWESOME class.  My part is "Windows and Doors to your Soul" and I've been working hard on it to make it great for all of you.  Check it out on the link above, I will have more details for you tomorrow here as well.  :)

I am also now a proud design team member at YourPaperPantry!  I will be streaming live for them very soon.  For all my scrapbooking friends, I will be finally sharing scrapbook projects live.  :)

Again, thanks to everyone for thier continued and support and LOVE.  I truly appreciate it all.  You may ask why I don't post as much here as I used to.  Yes, I'm working on that... but I've been focusing the energy I do have on my Ustream shows (every Wed and Sat nights at 9:30 Eastern), and a few YT vids.  Please read this touching story about the Spoon Theory to understand what I mean.  It's a great story, you won't be disappointed!

Until tomorrow, Much LOVE!


  1. wow woman, no wonder you are tired!! Thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of the world, we are the lucky ones!
    So sorry to hear that your ankle is still giving you so much sorrow... I pray that it heals quickly.
    Looking forward to your adventure with YPP, being a scrapbooker at heart, it's going to be fun to watch how you incorporate the passions...for me they constantly overlap!!
    til next time, thank you for being you...♥

  2. The spoon theory is a favorite of mine! I hope you continue to feel better and take some time to rest. I know I need that reminder too. You say you haven't been very productive, but you blog has evidence that would say otherwise! I love all these pages. Your art journaling is so very inspiring!

  3. So happy to see you back- have been thinking of you and wondered how you are. Was very happy to see your name on the 21 Secret list. Haven't checked in on you on you tube for ages bt can see a marathon session coming on soon!

  4. Been watching all your videos after the fact, have never caught one live yet. Congrats on all your new adventures

  5. Hi Paula!! As usual, your pages are rich with color and texture=I always like looking at them and Congratulations on your new teaching projects!!

  6. ooooo. So sorry that you have to know about the Spoon Theory. I use it often... at one time it was in a file marked "But you dont LOOK sick".... Gentle Hugs and Bold Prayers for you! DianaD

  7. I am also sorry you have to know about the Spoon Theory, but I know you work on it daily. I have been sending positive healing thoughts to your ankle and your body. Great pages, and I thank you for always thinking of us more than your self!

  8. Hi Paula,
    Me again. E-mailing has proven unsuccessful. Is there a link to where you find your supplies in TO? Much appreciated

  9. Loving your videos!! Your work is simply awesome!!

  10. wow some great stuff here glad you found me!!!!

  11. Awesome video. Went and got the stuff and made some. Love it. thanks for sharing. Your the best.

  12. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journal pages and also for the link to the spoon theory, I think I may be sharing that story with some of my friends and family members.


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