Sunday, March 11, 2012

Derwent Artbars and Stencils

You can watch me create this page here:

Here are a few more pages I have been working on lately:

Much Love! xo


  1. I love how you are putting words on these pages...what are you using???

  2. Love the Bless Each Day spread. Is the part with all the text taken from a piece of scrapbook paper? It's wonderful!

  3. Hey Paula

    I watch you all the time and love your style. Just a couple of questions for you.

    #1 I just purchased an Artists Loft Sketch book. It says its good for paint, markers, rubber stamps, pencils etc. However the center binding looks a little weak when it gets wet.

    Do you put masking tape over the centre binding in your bound books?

    2 Where did you get your book of words that you use on your journal pages - I'm referring to "think fast" & "bless each day" etc.



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