Thursday, March 1, 2012

Art Store Shopping

Got to do a little shopping downtown today! Woot!

Much Love xo


  1. Loved watching your shoppping trip, more goodies added to my list.
    Just wish we had a store like that in the UK, my town has one VERY over priced art store.

    Thank you for your videos.

  2. nothing like shopping for art supply goodies besides using them. wishing you fun and discoveries in the classes you're taking.

  3. I share you love for the figurines by Kelly Rae Roberts. I just bought the one of the girl holding the bluebird for my mother. ...and the HANDBOOK journals are AWESOME! You will love them. I find that the paper is better than moleskins. Have a wonderful weekend...oh, and Hi!

  4. After seeing this I have a few goodies to add to my list when I hit Jerry's Artarama again! I think you will be having a lot of fun soon. Thanx for sharing :)



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