Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Watch My Art Journaling Process

Happy Leap Day!!

Here are a few more videos for today.

This second one is an amazing stencil technique with Neocolor II's!

You can watch the full version HERE.

Don't forget you can watch me live every Wednesday and Saturday nights at 9:30pm EST HERE.  Don't forget to click the "Join crowd" button to get show updates and see recordings you may have missed.

Much LOVE xo


  1. Love the fast forward mode - and being able to watch to full length version for more detail is a bonus. The stencil techniques are really economical - I love the mileage you get from the neocolors.

  2. nice to see your layering techniques. I usually choose 3 colors and use them together, but haven't (I don't believe) dried one color before starting another. Have to try that. Thanks for the videos {:-Deb


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