Sunday, February 27, 2011

What do YOU see?

Welcome everyone!

I'm feeling better ever day, and was able to do a little shopping and do my live class on Ustream last night.

I was working in a new Moleskine for my friend Kerri.  I started with Portfolio water soluble oil pastels, many layers, a bit of spray ink.... and this happened!  What a lovely surprise!  My question to you is, what do YOU see?  So many possibilities, I would love to hear what image your imagination comes up with.

Just for fun, here is the same page upside down.  I see something totally different here!  Please leave a comment below, I love to read them and appreciate them so much!

Last night I also completed this page.  My photo just doesn't do it justice.  So many wonderful layers of goodness, I even broke out the alcohol inks for this one!

You can watch the entire show below, I went to the art store yesterday so the first 15 minutes is a little haul. :)  It was a great time, and I hope you can visit me live soon.  I am on live Wednesday and Saturday nights at 9pm EST.

Can't wait to read your thoughts!
Much LOVE xox


  1. WOW this is kind a Rorschach's test :)
    What I see on the first image is a butterfly and on the second one, I see a face on a tree or a totem.
    I'm curious to read more interpretations

  2. At first I saw a droopy faced dog... but then the more I looked, I saw an angel, like those found on monuments.

    The angel is sitting on a tree stump, with her head bowed down, onto her hands and massive butterfly wings unfurled behind her.

    It's amazing Paula! What a fantastic "ink blot" you created!

  3. Great page! I first saw a face, then a butterfly and then an angel. On the upside down one I saw a woman in a dress with a big skirt with her arms on a child standing in front of her.

    Love this activity. Your work is awesome!


  4. The face of a bighorn sheep maybe, all furry.

  5. I love this first page Paula. In the first one I saw a big moth and then it morphed into a face like a carved mask, then in the second one I saw a totem pole which then turned into an angel. This spread would be good to meditate on.
    Thanks for sharing your videos, I am always inspired by you

  6. Hi Paula,
    Picture #1: In the center I see a camel. A sad Libyan camel. I also see four images of the earth, like from an atlas...bearing witness. The camel is yellow ochre, erupting like a volcano and it is surrounded by the deep blue of the universe...ok the universe is probably deep black but whatev! This exercise was super cool!

  7. In the first one I saw a moth or butterfly with large wings. On the second it looks like a mirror image (the spine being the 'mirror') of a person looking down into a pool of water...


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