Thursday, August 25, 2011

Art Journaling on Staycation

Happy Thursday!  My vacation has just flown by, and I've loved it!  I have been creating every day, walking Asha lots and taking many naps.

Even though it's been a good week, I have had a few challenges.  The anxiety is getting to me, so I turned to my art journal today.  I created the above page in about 20 mins.  I was not worried about technique, or a zillion layers, I just needed to get it out, and get it out fast.

I do like how it turned out, and it helped me quite a bit.  It's important for me to step back every once in awhile and just let it all out.  Let go.

Really love how this simple page turned out so well!  I was given this postcard from a wonderful friend, and just love the message.  Thanks so much Sharon! 

****EDIT:  I was actually given this beautiful postcard from the lovely Joyce!  So sorry for the mistake, I LOVE you BOTH!!!  xo

These colours were so fun to work with.  I had written some notes on the right hand side of the journal that I didn't want to cover up, so I decided to create the spread to the left of it.   I really like the way it looks.

This last spread is still a work in process.  I am still deciding on a title for the left hand side.  I had fun using the Mademoiselle Stack from DCWV.

Sorry for having to cancel my Ustream show last night, major thunder storm was passing through.  Speaking of the weather, my thoughts and prayers are with those on the East Coast.  Stay safe my friends!

Much Love xox


  1. LOVE the Honesty one....probably felt good to get it out!

  2. Ooh, I love your layers and pages! I'm glad you rested and played and created on your stay cation . Aren't they wonderful? Journaling is so therapeutic for our anxieties. Yours are a joy to look at. You're an inspiration! Kathy

  3. I'm really struck by the raw drama of your mother nature pages. Maybe it's because I live on the East coast :-) Great stuff Paula

  4. An INSPIRATION, as always, sweet Ms Paula. I'm am so thrilled to watch and enjoy your Mommy-hood.I never had the slightest doubt the kind of Mommy you'd be-you are so kind, smart, loving, sensible...lucky Asha and Simon :)

  5. Love all your pages! I can't wait to see the finished Mademoiselle pages!

  6. Your journal work rock.
    A fantastic inspiration for me.

  7. Thank you Paula, more lovely and inspiring images from you.
    Big love

  8. love the open and honest page! really speaks volumes. Thanks for sharing your incredible work!

  9. All of them are pretty - I like your last piece the most! Enjoy your time to create. (I found you through google alert - "art journaling") {:-Deb

  10. Fabulous pages, Paula. So inspirational.

    Just wanted to say big big thanks to you. I've learned so much watching your ustream videos and your DVD. I posted my first background on my blog as I'm so pleased with it. Still unfinished as yet. lol


  11. Great pages Paula. All different and so creative.


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