Monday, August 22, 2011

Inspired Sunday- Lots of Art Journal Pages

Welcome friends!

I had a wonderful weekend, and a very artful Sunday.  Yesterday, in more than one sitting, I created a total of six completed pages.  That is so far outside of my process, it's a little scary.  Scary yet so exciting!

Can you believe it?  All of those pages!  This is after about three weeks of not creating much while taking care of this girl:

This is Asha's "stay" position, I just LOVE her crooked little mouth!  Training is going well, but there are definitely challenging times.  I just figured out the playing tug with her has caused her to become nippy, so now we're correcting that.  I would have never thought I'd be a dog person, but she is an absolute joy and blessing in our lives.

Since I was taking pictures in some good sunlight I thought I'd retake a few that I've already posted:

The above page was completed for Stencil Saturday live over on Ustream!  Check me out here, where you can watch the recording dated August 20th.

Finally, below is a page I created to remember Asha's first walk.  I hope you can see the cute little paw print stamps in the background!

I am on vacation and so happy!  I hope you have a wonderful week!

Much Love xo


  1. Wow Paula, you have been really productive. I love all the texture you get in your pages.
    I watched your recording from the 20th and just love the page you did. It was great seeing all the ways you used the inks.And it was great to finally get into a live stream with everyone, even if it was briefly.
    Hope you have a great week off.

  2. PS Asha is sooo cute and I love her Stay position. :)

  3. Great pages Paula! So glad to see your inspired. I think it rubbed off on me a little.

  4. Gorgeous layered backgrounds! Thank you for sharing these, I love to look at them. I am a dog lover. My Ellie is my best little friend! Kathy

  5. Thanx for posting the new pages so we can click, dive and be awed! They are amazing. Great pic of the staying Asha. So cute!

  6. I love your art work, it is so inspiring, thanks for posting. Love your cute little friend too.
    Big love

  7. I love the page you did of Asha's first walk. The paw prints are adorable and I love the colors that you chose. So in tune with nature. TFS!


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