Sunday, August 14, 2011

A New Puppy and Recent Art Journal Pages

Welcome back everyone!  Yes, it's been awhile.  I have been spending all of my time with this sweet girl!  Her name is Asha and she is a Morkie.  A Morkie is a Maltese/Yorkie mix.  She has been home for just over two weeks now and is three months old.

She has stolen both of our hearts.  She loves to sleep on Simon's belly.  Even though we chose a toy breed, we are treating her like a dog.  I am spending lots of time training her as well as loving her.

This was her first bath!  I'm looking a little rough (no pun intended) but she is so darn cute.  She is such a fluff ball that when her hair is wet, she looks less than half her size.  She is currently 4.5 pounds.

Right now she is black and tan, but if you look closely you can see that she has grey roots.  It will be such a joy watching her grow into a new coat.

This was her first casualty.  The poor pen!  She was also running around with this forsaken art journal page but I didn't get to the camera in time.

This is the first dog I have ever owned, so I am learning lots.  She is an absolute joy and changing my life for the good.

I have been so busy with her that I have found only a little time to art.  Here are a few things I've been working on recently:

As usual, all of the pages were created LIVE over on Ustream.  I hope to see you there with us soon!

I have missed you all so much!  Thank you for being patient with me.

Much Love xox

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  1. Oh my goodness, Asha is a little doll! Isn't it amazing how much they add to your life so quickly? It is a dimension of love you didn't even know you were missing!

    Your art is beautiful. I try to watch you on upstream whenever I can, and I learn and get ideas whenever I do. You keep streaming and I'll keep watching!

    SusanK (SusanKoop on Ustream)

  2. I'm so glad you are back!! I was getting worried! Asha is adorable, like having a new baby in the house!

  3. She's a cutie!! And keeping you really busy I'm sure!

  4. If she begins getting whiter faster, check the Gesso! LOL

  5. Beautiful puppy...beautifil perspective on life...beautiful artwork!
    Paula, you have inspired me to try to think outside my box and venture into knew creative adventures.
    I love your way of instructing and sharing.
    Hoping God blesses your days with continued love.
    Joyce Webb
    Windsor, CT

  6. haha, I mean NEW (in above comment)


  7. Adorable! I've always been a "big dog" girl, but now that I own a little terrier, I think I've converted.

  8. BEAUTIFUL work, i love it!
    Ruth xo
    p.d.: your big dog is adorable :)

  9. Your dog is such a doll.I love dogs because because they are just plain wonderful!

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