Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recent Pages, and a Change in Process?


This past Thursday was my 33rd birthday, I had the day off and enjoyed every second of relaxation!  The night before was my regular Live Wednesday show on Ustream.  We had a great time, and I created the page above.

If you missed the show, check it out here:

I have created more than usual this week, and did a few impromptu streams.  It's fun jumping on live and creating with friends, it also is a little less busy in chat so it's a great time!  Make sure you follow me on Twitter or Facebook to know when I'm popping on.  I have this next week off on vacation, so you can expect some surprise streams!

The two pages above were both created in one sitting, live.  It's a little strange for me.  I normally work on multiple pages at once, but for some reason it felt right to just focus on the one page at a time.  I LOVE how both of these turned out.  I even have a third page I did this week that I will share tomorrow once I finish titling it.  I am not sure if my process is changing, or if I just needed something different?  I can't wait to find out!

A few Saturday's ago we created a cover for a mini album during my Stencil Saturday show.  I absolutely love how this looks!  A little spray inks, light molding paste and UTEE.

I hope to see you tonight at 9:30pm EST for my Stencil Saturday show over here.  Don't forget to join my crowd to see my recordings and upcoming shows.

Much LOVE!  xo


  1. These pages are so cool Paula, I'm off to catch up with the recordings I missed.

  2. I love the depth of the layers - especially in your Celebrate Constantly page!


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