Sunday, March 20, 2011

Colorful Art Journal Pages and Faces

Ok, ok, so this first page is not colourful.  I really enjoyed creating this though.  I added a piece of vintage sewing pattern with gel medium to create texture.  The black swirls are Dollar Bin rubons from Michael's.  While creating this I was feeling a bit of pressure, and needed to remind myself that not everything comes easy.

This page in my Moleskine was a bunch of random fun.  On the left is a Tim Holtz texture fade sample that I made when I first got it.  I love using random bits like that and working around it.  Yes, I'm still working on my "favorites" list.

I had another migraine yesterday.  I have decided to journal and try to figure out what's triggering them.  I took a few Advils last night and still did my show on Ustream.  I think I was a little loopy and punch drunk, but we definitely had a great time.  This page was created with many layers of stenciling, beginning with a background of Inktense pencil.  On the right I wanted to incorporate a Post Card "starter" that I created.  It was much brighter than the page so I decided to paint a bird over it.  Here is a close up:

It felt so good for me to work outside my comfort zone.  I just love how this little guy turned out.  If you have a few minutes, here is the recording:

Speaking of Ustream, I was watching the amazing Dede on Friday afternoon and felt inspired to create these crazy people:

Thanks so much my wonderful friend for all the LOVE, encouragement and inspiration!  It felt so wonderful to create something so out of the "ordinary" for me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Much Love! xo


  1. I just love the first page! Its very "me" :) I am really praying that those pesky migraines stay far far away from you. Love you!

  2. i love both the pages and the crazy dede people are wonderful!! last night's stream was so much fun, as usual. love the birdie, he turned out great. xoxoxo

  3. I am jealous you already have the Inktense blocks as they are not available yet ;)

    It is been forever since I watched you create.

    I hope the migraines will let you free. No fun.

    Take care

  4. I love your "Dede" faces, how cool!

  5. LOVE all your pages....I'm INSPIRED by Dede's faces also & will be doing more.... LOVE your faces!!!

  6. love the pages, each one so unique.
    Pay attention to what you eat and drink, I have a whole slew of foods that trigger migraines, then of course there is low pressure areas and we can't do anything about the weather. Hope you find out what's behind the migraines.

  7. Love all of these pages Paula, especially the first one. I love all of the collage bits and pieces and textures.
    I can't wait to watch the video tonight with a nice hot cuppa.(perfect way to spend an evening)
    Your faces are great, it looks like you had fun doing them.

  8. Loved your last ustream..and LOVE that bird
    I use to get a lot of really bad headaches. After years of suffering from headaches that painkillers did nothing for I discovered that the pain was actually caused by clenching my jaw in my sleep. Known as TMD or TMJ. My doctor was useless when it came to diagnosing the issue but 5 minutes in to a dentist visit I had some options to try to relieve. When you are just sitting around try clenching a pencil between your teeth and sleep on your back not your side. I have not had a headache in the past 3 months almost.

  9. I love that bird! Very cool! What a great night!

  10. Love your pages! The faces are great and look like a lot of fun. I am always so inspired by you and your work. I usually always have to catch your ustream classes later. So glad and grateful you record them! Thank you for that!!!

  11. Hi Paula...just came over via you link in my FB Magical Mixed media group and am so glad I did..something wonderful just happened while reading your blog..will post about it soon. Will also jump over to your ustream soon...lots of serendipity happening as I woke early this morning thinking..its time for me to figure out how to make a video tutorial...mind if I ask you some questions soon? :)


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