Saturday, March 12, 2011

Distressed Art Journal Pages

Happy Saturday!  I hope you had a wonderful week.  Mine was full of migraines and stress.  So what do I do when I'm stressed?  I play in my art journal.  I find that the messier my mind is, the messier my art seems to be.  I am totally fine with this, it's part of the reason I art journal.  

I have been reading a wonderful book called "Happiness Now" by Robert Holden.  It really has me thinking about the way I perceive things.  For example, this page I worked on during my live class last Saturday night did not go as planned.  I was feeling a little frustrated, which is never good when you are the teacher.  I spent a few days thinking about what went wrong and why.  I suddenly realized that it was all in my head.  What I created was wonderful.  Yes, it was a floportunity.  I realized it was my choice to think of it as a failure, or as something beautiful that was intended in the first place.  It's all in how I chose to look at it.

Spend a bit of time and watch the recording here, we had a great time!

Continuing on my grungy theme, I created this page this past Wednesday live.  I really wanted to use my new Curtain Call papers from Graphic45.  I really love the warm colours used, mostly burnt sienna and yellow ochre.  It was so fun to mix some brand new papers with very old stickers that I used in the title.  My favourite part of these papers is the "Dangerous Curves" you see on the left page.  

These pages were created because I was thinking about dancing, and how I don't anymore.  It's a combination between my weight and my ankle, regardless they are excuses.  My journaling is written with a Bic ballpoint pen and is hard to read unless you look closely.  You can see it a little better in the picture below.  Yes, I know I need to turn on my music and just dance.

I really enjoy writing with my Bic pen.  It writes over pretty much everything and the writing ends up blending into my background.  You can watch the progression of this page below.  I hope you enjoy it!

Don't forget that I stream live every Wednesday and Saturday nights at 9pm Eastern.  You can go HERE during that time to watch and chat live, it's a great time!  You can also click on that link to see all my recordings.  Don't forget to click on the little button at the top that says "Join Crowd".  Also, there are times that I will randomly turn on my camera, so don't forget to follow me on Twitter for updates.

See you soon!
Much Love xo


  1. LOVE them all! YES, we should all turn up the music and JUST DANCE! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

  2. Rough week, I feel ya. Glad you got to journal indeed. I am finding it hard when i work 12 hours to get to jut journal a whole page so I have started to just journal a bit everyday, not stress myself to finish something, so right now i am just doing random backgrounds each day when I wake up and right before I leave. At least it is something! :D

  3. Floportunity! I love that! I've had a couple of those myself lately!!

  4. i love making messy journal pages as well! super fun.

  5. Wonderful and creatively messy!
    You are very inspiring, great work :]

  6. hi there - what wonderful work, love it. I am looking for an artist to commission to do something similar on a larger scale at a reasononable price. Are you interested?? If so email me


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