Thursday, March 24, 2011

Healing Art Journal Pages and Positivity

Deep inside my soul I truly believe that happiness is a choice.  This choice, however, is sometimes very hard to make.  As I've mentioned in a prior post I'm rereading some favourite books, and truly trying to better my mind.  I want to be more positive, especially towards myself.  Too often I find my mind wandering to negative thoughts and self doubt.  I will change this.  Here is a site I found today with a wonderful video about choosing happiness.  I am inspired.

For me this starts with reading books and journaling.  Not just visual journaling, as seen here, but good old fashioned, soul searching, diary writing.  I am trying to find a daily routine that works for me.  So far I have committed to writing in my journal and reading an inspirational book before bed every night.

I just finished reading (for the third time) Jack Canfield's "Key to the Law of Attraction":

It's been a wonderful experience and has prompted me to make a "positive only" art journal.  I hope to share it with you all soon.  This book is so much more than just describing the law of attraction, it helps you figure out what your goals are, and what you want most.  This was important to me as too many times I think to myself "OK, now what?".  I would love to hear your book recommendations.  As always your comments and support are much appreciated. 

This was a fun page created on Ustream using spray inks and packing tape transfer.  Check it out here:

Have a wonderful day!
Much Love xox


  1. I started morning pages last week, and that is really helping me commit to writing in my journal. It's good to have a place to dump, explore, and examine your thoughts and then let them go! I think this kind of self awareness and healing work is powerful. I applaud you in your journey. You are such a blessing to others and you bring so many gifts to us all.

    I am currently reading Feng Shui of Abundance, a fabulous book about clearing energy in your home and opening yourself up to abundance on many levels. I like it because it goes into all the currents in our lives, emotional, body, creative, rational and how that effects the flow of abundance in our lives.

  2. Hi Paula. hzve you read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch......... awesomeness!!!!! i highly reccomend it!

  3. your journal pages are amazing. i would like to try journaling some time and your pages inspire me.

  4. I love your pages. I have the house to myself tomorrow, and don't need to go anywhere, so I am sitting down to do some art journaling. Have you read "The Power of Intention" by Dr Wayne Dyer? It's very good. Along the lines of "The Law of Attraction" but different. I've read both and love both. Also, books by Sonia Chocquette are also very good. Thank you for your inspiration.

  5. You have totallt inspired me! sent you an email last night and today you have another vid for me to look at - thank you for distracting me form the housework (as if I need an excuse!)

  6. Oh, what a coincidence, I was just reading this entry on your blog, and at that very moment an email appeared on my phone, which was from you leaving a comment on MY blog! :) thank you.

    I couldn’t agree more that happiness is a choice, this is a life lesson I have been discussing in some depth recently with my 8 year old, I want him to learn it early. Some of the happiest people I have known in life are those who have had the unluckiest paths, and some of the most miserable, angry, complaining people are those who have plenty of money, their health, and no sign of real misfortune.

    It really IS as simple as 1) making an effort to look for the positive in every situation, 2) knowing that all problems are temporary (this too shall pass), and 3) letting go and moving on instead of dwelling on ways we feel we have been wronged, or actions we regret.

    I do try to practice this philosophy all the time, but, like you said, sometimes it’s VERY difficult! and I can descend into a pity party as well as the next woman :) Thankfully not today – the sun is shining, I am grateful for all aspects of my life right now.

  7. Paula -

    Thank you for such an inspiring post today. Your work is just beautiful.

    Elaine Allen

  8. If you haven't read The will change your life. It's changing mine slowly...but it IS so much better than before! Powerful. I'm reading it aloud to my hubby for the 3rd time and have started a Friday morning group to read through it together.

  9. Loved the post and the pages. I've read a lot of the books already mentioned along with various ones of Jack's and Julia C. but thought I'd mention Michele Cassou's books Point Zero (creativity without limits) Found her books to be very inspiring and positive written for the creative soul. Great stuff Paula


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