Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happiness Art Journal Pages

Thank you so, so much for all the lovely comments on my last post!  It is always so interesting to me to hear what others' favourites are.  The picture taken from the close up above was definitely a favourite by all.

All of the pages below are from my "Now Here" art journal.  This is the cover:

Now, Here

I originally called this an affirmation journal, but since I've worked in it more I've decided to only put quotes on happiness inside.

The backgrounds for most of the pages in this little art journal are made up from left over paints and sprays from other pages in my larger art journal.  It was so freeing to just slap paint down without worry.

I'm off to get ready to teach live over on Ustream.  I am live every Wednesday and Saturday nights at 9pm EST!  I hope to see you there!

Much Love and HAPPINESS!  xo


  1. Great stuff Paula, looking forward to tonights session :-)

  2. I love the font you're using and the black swirls.

  3. Hi Paula
    You have such a knack for putting the right colours together. I love these pages and the cover is sensational!


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