Saturday, May 21, 2011

Make your own Lumiere Paints

Welcome everyone!  Enjoy todays tutorials:

I will be using these wonderful new paints tonight during my Ustream show at 9:30pm EST.  Hope to see you there!
Much LOVE xo


  1. I love all the experimenting, dontcha know, lol. Looks great, will give it a try. Oh, i liked the camera angle too!

  2. FANTASTIC Paula! Love when you show us how to "make our own"-great for those of us on a budget. Great new camera angle.I also really like when you refer to applications other than Art Journaling-like you mentioned altered books,etc. So many of your techniques cross over to many applications and we can grow your "artista family" even bigger! Hugs, Julie

  3. You have the best tutorials!

  4. Love the tutorial! I'm a big fan of the Lumiere paints, so I can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing yourself and your knowledge!

  5. I just got into Lumiere paints, I'm glad I didn't buy too many colors because thanks to this tutorial I can create some fab shades!


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