Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happiness Equals No Stress Art Journal Pages

Welcome everyone!  I just had to add this cute picture of Annie.  I was taking pictures of my journal and she wouldn't move.  She loves heat and sitting in the sun.

It feels so great to almost completely finish this little journal.  The only pages I have left is the huge 4 page flip out in the center.  I LOVE this paper, you can get a journal of your very own here.

I love how soft and light this page is.  Just a bit of spray ink, stamping and collage.

This fish is from a fauxphemera pack from K&Co.  At first I didn't "like" this page, I didn't think my lettering was big enough, but adding the fish just made me smile.  Fish have always been a calming source for me.

I had some fun using an entire sheet of rubons from the dollar bin for this page.  No journaling, but the images speak louder than words for me.

More fun with spray inks and rubons.  These happen to be 8 year old rubons from Making Memories, which is why they look imperfect.  I really love how it turned out.

I really love this quote, but am not happy with the overall page.  I post it with the thought of telling everyone that not all of your pages have to be "perfect", and I assure you that you will not "like" all of the pages you create.  When this happens I honour it, learn from what I didn't like, and move on.

I spent some time arting on the couch while watching the finale of Survivor (yay Rob!!).  I was working in my Moleskine and completed these pages:

I hope everyone is having a great week!  I am dealing with a migraine, but am resolved to find out what's causing them.  It has been raining since I got home from Colorado last Friday.

If you haven't subscribed to me over on Youtube, I would love it if you did!  I have 2 videos planned for this weekend that you won't want to miss!

Much Love my friends!  xo


  1. Here fishy fishy fishy:) Great pages! Love them!

  2. AWESOME pages....look forward to seeing them in person in 13 days!!!

  3. Love the quote "Happiness is an inside job." Great journal pages...thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the fish! Still raining in Denver. Here's a happiness quote for you. "Happiness is an interpretation, the optimistic interpretation of that which happens to you." Take care and thanks for the inspiration. Vicki

  5. Great pages!! quotes are truly inspiring, especially when journaling. TFS

  6. Hi Paula I am your 500th follower!!!! i just stumbled upon your blog...............what a delight!!!!!!!I love your work, I am totally blown away, it is aweinspiring!!!!!! keep up the good work. I only recently started art journalling and find it most therapeutic and fulfilling. keep well and

    Tight Hugs



  7. Annie is a adorable peeking out...and the journal pages are wonderful. I have that fish and was not sure I would ever use it, but it looks so great on your page. that mine might get lucky and find a page too...:)

  8. Fabulous artwork!
    Have a great weekend :)

  9. aw, cute kittie.

    sometimes you just need that softness and lightness expressed, ay?

    please tell me, what in the world is a rubon? (pronounced roobon???)

  10. I love to see your finished pages and thinking that we all watched them come alive, layer by layer is awesome. The fish swimming about on your page is so cool. Love Annie peeking around your journal. I am having to reach around my keyboard right now - my Noah is lying in front of my laptop!

  11. Love the fish! And the one with the border around the quote is also very cool.

  12. Gorgeous pages Paula. I just love the softness you have achieved in the first page and the colours on the fish page are great. So much inspiration

  13. Love your journal. I just started on an art journal and trying out new techniques. I hope mine (after some practice) come out as good as yours.

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