Friday, February 26, 2010

Finding my Own style

Finding my Own style
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Good (snowy) Evening!

This page is again from my BPJ (Black Page Journal). It's my cover/first page. As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to find my own style. Yes, I've been hugely inspired by so many artists such as:

Tracy Bautista
Dina Wakely
and of course, Teesha Moore

That being said, I still want my journals and pages to be a reflection of me. After typing that I'm starting to think that's a bit silly... of course all my work is a reflection of me. Anyway, I think you know what I mean. ;o)

This journey is so exciting for me. I feel like I have grown and, most importantly, have started healing. I can't wait to see what the future brings, and for me that's a step in the right direction.

Much Love!


  1. I like to try what many artists offer of their style but always do it my way. I want to develop my own way of making a journal too. I agree, all my pages are "me" but not uniquely so. They tend to be "a la" somebody else. We just have to keep doing and eventually we'll get there.

  2. Hi Paula, you left a nice comment on one of my journal pages posted on flickr. Followed your trail here. Glad I found your blog.

    Your style will just develop as you journal. Even as you add elements from other artists you like it will become yours, because you will take it a make it your own. A few months back, someone said of my journal pages, "I knew it was yours when I saw it." I did not know I had my own style. :) It was great to hear, you will hear it too.


  3. Thanks for your recent comment about my kitty, LuLu.

    I really like all the layers you've achieved on this page. Did you carve your own stamps? I agree with the others that you will develop your own style because no matter what, you are the one doing the art. We can all be influenced by other artists but ultimately we take little bits from many of them and meld them together into our own style.

  4. I think you definitely have your own style :) and it's beautiful!

  5. Wow, I am so touched that such great artists have left me such sweet comments.

    @Freebird, I so agree... keep doing. :) I can't wait to see what you do to make your own journal. Bookbinding is something that I want to learn, but am too scared to try.
    @Mary, what can I say? You are so inspiring. I've been stalking, ahh, following you since I saw your work on Gut Art. :)
    @Janet, Yes, I carved that stamp. :) Great advice, I agree with taking little bits of everyone. Your work always amazes me, so much diversity yet I can tell on Flickr when it's your art.

    Much Love everyone!

  6. @Gayle... I didn't forget about you my friend. You are so sweet. :)

  7. I think starting out it's normal and fine to copy or at least use other people's work as a springboard. I think your own style develops, quite quickly if you're prepared to be intuitive and quietn the inner critic I believe.

    I'm fiercely independent so am diggig up my own style right away, lol. And I'm refering back to others' work now and then for techniques.

    I love your stuff btw.


  8. I think you definitely have your own style :) and it's beautiful!


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