Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scrapbook + Art Journaling = Mini Book Love

I've been inspired recently to work in my 31 Mini again.  I completed these 3 spreads last weekend and it felt so good! 
I feel that they are a combination of art journaling and scrapbooking and I love the result.  I am still mixing my old supplies with the new, which is freeing for me.  I now need to buy a new cartridge for my printer before I can finish any more pages, hopefully I will be able to get out this weekend. 

I've gotten a few comments on my new black page journal.  I was tyring to take a picture of what it looks like and got this:

Ah yes, Baby Love's this journal too.  Well, not so much the journal, just the cord that wraps it up.  Here is what the inside looks like:
On the left you can somewhat see the handmade paper, and on the right is the slightly waxed tissue paper that is between every page.  It has been interesting so far working these tissue paper pages into my work.  I will show some results soon.

Much Love!


  1. Gotta love the yellow! I thought the picture on the left was an old photo - was surprised it was 2009. Too funny! Great pages!

  2. The textures and backgrounds on your pages are great and the black page journal should be really fun to work in.

  3. Oh such wonderful pages! I love the transparency! Love, love, LOVE it!!! Ahhhhh such coolness!!!

  4. Paula, thanks for visiting my blog, if you didn't I wouldn't have the chance to see such deliciously beautiful journal/scrapbook pages of you. I'm going to add you to my 'creative types roll so I can visit you often.

  5. Fab combination of scrapbooking and journaling :) you have been really busy!


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