Thursday, February 11, 2010

Looking for a new journal

Hi all!  I am hoping everyone is keeping warm, it's been a strange winter here in Toronto.  No snow, not that I'm complaining.
I've been journaling like crazy recently, mostly on weekends while the Man is working.  Here are a few examples (as always, all my work is uploaded on Flickr if you would like to see more):
This last page was a prompt from BlissfullyArtJournaling, a wonderful Yahoogroup.  I left out the journaling, as it was a prompt about profanity.  I have quite a pottymouth from working in a factory for the past 11 years, so I decided to save you all from the abuse, hehe.

I have officially given up on this Moleskine journal.  It's literally falling apart.  I know, I know, Moleskines are wonderful... but not so much for my style of art journaling.  Yes, the paper holds up to the abuse, but unfortuenately for me, the binding doesn't.  That being said, if you have the same problem and want to fix it, check out this AMAZING idea:  Elizabeth Golden- Journal Surgery.  I'm in awe!

Unfotunately, I just don't have the patience, so I will be starting a new journal of a different style.  I am leaning towards a spiral bound book.  I'm still new to journaling and am still trying to find the "perfect" journal for me.  I would love to hear/see what you all are using!

Thanks so much to all of you that have left me comments, I am truly touched. 

Much love!


  1. You are so talented when it comes to layering images, paint, words! Since you've been journaling lyrics and I noted your "blame" page above, google Howard Jones' "No One Is to Blame". I've always liked that song.

  2. I love that song too! But really, that page is gorgeous even if it doesn't refer to song lyrics. I love the mix of positive and negative letters. Now send me your mailing address so we can start exchanging mail art! Pronto, tonto! : )

  3. All gorgeous :) I particularly love the first and last pages! Stunning layers :)
    btw you're in good company with the profanity LOL

  4. Hi Paula,
    Wow. These pages are just amazing. The colors, the textures, the layers...all of it is awesome. Very inspiring as well.
    I love my moleskine too, but have decided that I need to do a different type of journaling in it. I tend to be very messy and add so much media to the page that it ends up very wet. My pages held up, but the paint would run down in the binding and stick my other pages together...but like i said, some of my pages get really it's not really the moleskine's I'm not ready to give up on the moleskine entirely though so I now use it for my 'milder' types of journaling such as pen and marker work, colored pencils, sketching etc.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words about my work.

  5. Hi Paula, I love your journal pages and that's good to know about the moleskins, I've always wondered about them. My spiral bound from Walmart is holding up good so far! I tried to send you an email about those duplicate VLVS you offered but couldn't see it in your profile. I would love any of your dups, thanks so much for asking me!! You can shoot me an email from my blog page if you like. Oh, and I have a total potty mouth too!! haha

  6. Your journal pages are amazing!!! So inspiring!

  7. your blog is wonderful and i love your style of art journaling. why haven't i seen this blog before? really cool stuff. i like your graffiti style. something i have not mastered.

  8. I liked my moleskin but I'm a messy journaler too. Now that it's full I've decided to use a loose leaf paper, then sew it all together at the end...when is the end? I don't know. I guess I haven't gotten there yet. :)

    Great pages BTW.

  9. I wonder if the moleskin would hold up better if you tied it up like we do the comp books. Seems like it would hold together if you tied a ribbon around each signature & the comp book hasn't pulled away from the binding at all


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