Sunday, February 14, 2010

I went a *little* crazy

Happy Valentine's Day!

I went a little crazy last night at the big M store.  I typically like to shop at a scrap or art store, but living in the suburbs hasn't left me with much choice.  Here are the goodies I bought myself for V-Day.  :)

This doesn't include new magazines, a few paint brushes and some white charcoal pencils and blending stubs.  Simon bought me a beautiful card, some chocolates and a bottle of wine.  I am convinced thouh that the bottle of wine was really for his benefit.  ;)

I feel completely inspired and am planning on spending most of the day in my art room, after a few assingments I must complete for work. (blah)

Much Love!


  1. Now THAT is some good Valentine's Swag!
    It all looks so yummy!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you create with all your new supplies. Is that clock a stamp or rub-on?

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments! That clock is a Tim HOltz stamp, however he also has masks out with the same pattern. Have I meantioned that I'm in love with that man? ;)


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