Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm In The Danger Zone

Danger Zone
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Oh baby is it ever snowing outside! As I've mentioned, it's been quite the green winter here in Toronto. I would classify today as our first "official" snowfall. Again, I'm not complaining. ;o)

I came home today and went right to my art room. So many crazies in my head I just had to get them out! I finished this page that I've been working on here and there for about a week now. So much going on here... acrylics, tape, stamps, scrapbook paper, ephemera, lots of ink... the usual good "old" scrap supplies.

This is Journal #4 (the black page one) and I am trying to keep it to a certain style. I enjoy many "styles", and remain true to what I'm feeling at the time, which is another reason why I have two journals on the go right now.

Check out my Flickr to see close ups (and my journals sorted by #), but be warned, the words may be a little ugly, I tend not to sensor. ;o)

Much Love!


  1. Great colors and great pages again!

  2. I love your layers and textures.. there's so much to look at here. Beautiful!

  3. I love your attitude about your journaling! Like you, I never censor, and turn to journaling to deal with the 'crazies'. Great color and energy here ... love!

    (I'm using the word "love" a lot, sorry) but I love the idea of keeping two journals, one with a certain aesthetic and one for everything else. Great idea!

  4. Beautiful journal pages, very inspiring. feasts of colors and textures. I love visiting you here.

  5. I just have two so I can leave the paint to dry! lol

    I am loving the colours of this page

  6. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments!
    @Janet and Ingrid, your comments made my day.
    @Jeanine, it's ok... LOVE is a great word!
    @Orly, you are an amazing inspiration to me. :o)
    @Gayle... LOL hasn't anyone introduced you to the magic of waxed paper between wet pages? ;)

    Much Love everyone!

  7. This is one of the best journal pages I ever seen! It's stunning!

  8. Oh what a layred and cool journal spread that is. wow! I love it!


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