Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to Journaling

It's been a very, very stressful week at work.  Lots to do, lots to worry about.  I get home and am so exhausted I don't feel like doing anything other than reading and relaxing.  There are so many ideas and projects in my head, but all I've been doing is writing them down.  I plan on having a busy art filled weekend.

Here are a few recent pages:

Still Time

It's no secret that I want a baby, that my "clock is ticking".  I had to get it out on a journal page once again.  There is still time!  Multiple layers here... you can barely see some journaling I originally did and then covered up.  Lots of practice swirls and random scrapbook supplies, both old and brand new.  I get so much joy from using retro supplies I've hoarded for many years.  :)


Simon works at a hotel in downtown Toronto and is sometimes able to get me discarded international magazines.  These images were from a Vogue magazine I believe.  I just couldn't believe how skinny these images were.  I think it's so sad really.  You can read my journaling to see my rant.  ;)
As for process, multiple layers of paint with some Basic Grey paper on top.  In real life it's very bright, I love it.

I will have much more to share this weekend.   I hope you all had a great week~!

Much LOVE!


  1. Once again-I love your pages!! Hope you get good art time and good relaxation time this weekend!! Keep positive!!!

  2. I love it too!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Hope your weekend has some art in it. I was looking at some of your past posts...have you done anything with you art space? I find picking up my art space helps me get in the mood : )

    Lisa D.

  4. More yummy gorgeousness! I agree with your rant about stick thin is that attractive?!!

    I hope you have a fun-filled, relaxing weekend.

  5. These pages are wonderful. I especially like the colours of the second page - fabulously bright! Hope you get some art time - time for your art is not a luxury it's a necessity!

  6. great pages, your clours really pop, I think I saw your picture on Doodle online, I am also in that class

  7. Oh gosh....this is so amazing!

  8. These are quite something. Love the 'time' spread very powerful use of colour, set the tone for what you were journaling. Can't get over those super skinny images. Great pages

  9. These pages are wonderful,I especially like the pink page. And I agree it is terribly sad about society making women feel they need to be so darn thin. Ugh! It get's me all heated up!

    Have a great art filled weekend!!

  10. Great swirls! I love swirls and flourishes :)


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