Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Moleskine Video Upload!

Hi All!

I was playing around last night and decided to use my digital camera to tape a Journal "flip", with some added commentary.  I thought it would be nice to hear about some of the supplies used, techniques and or the motivation behind the pages.  The problem is, I am a completely lost when it comes to technology.  It took me 80 mins to upload this one video, so I figure I'm definately doing something wrong.  Anyway, here is the link:


When I figure out how to embed it, I may do that.  hehe  ;)

I want to learn, so please feel free to leave some feedback, hints or tips.  It would be much appreciated.

In the meantime, here are a few more recent pages:

So Paid

This was a fun page.  I was inspired to create a fold out.  It's just a small acordian fold that is being held by a paper clip, but I really love it. 


I love the Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist over the star stencil!

Thanks again for all the sweet comments and support.  Love you guys!

Much Love!


  1. That was fun to watch Paula. Isn't it funny when you hear someone speak for the first time and they don't sound at all like you imagined? I couldn't tell you how I thought you would sound, but not to worry--you sounded just fine--loved hearing you tell about your own pages!!

  2. I loved this video! And, of course, I loved seeing all those pages in your journal. Thanks for sharing a little of your process with us. As for hints or tips, I wouldn't know what to tell you 'cause I enjoyed your video just the way you did it. All I can say is, "More, please!"

  3. Great Paula, can't wait to go back for the others when I have a little time to myself. Loved having a flip through your journal.

    There's an embed button just under the videos on youtube. You just copy and paste the code that comes up into the post you are writing. Can't remember how blogger does it, but you may have to add it under the html tab rather than the normal one. Play around and see.

    Love the so paid page- gorgeous!

  4. Great pages--I'm off to you tube now :) And carin is right--you have to put it under the html tab--just make sure you get the whole embed code--it's long.

  5. Always trying new things, you did great with your first video flip, enjoyed hearing what went into the making of your pages. Still think you's enjoy making your own journals, it will solve all your binding issues and podding journals :-) Journal Girl has a video on making one, so do others. http://www.journalgirl.com/video-downloads/

  6. Everytime I see your pages, I want to go play in my journal! I keep coming back to look at your pages because there is so much to see--there is so much depth. So cool!

  7. Just finished watching your vids on YT and loving your pages.
    you inspired me!
    Thank you Paula.

  8. I love your SO PAID page very very much, great colors!!

  9. Winderful pages, rich in textures and swirls and great images, loved your video explaining your work.

  10. Thanks so much!! Your are such an awesome creative spirit!!

  11. Other than the lightening I loved the video. Your pages are wonderful and full of life. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  12. Your journal pages always inspire me to start one. I just saw your video and it was great. Now I want to go play!

    I liked seeing all your pages (awesome work!), and hearing your descriptions. For the next video you should totally do a step by step process, so we can see how you achieve those awesome layers!

    I love your work so much you are a huge inspiration to me. :)

  13. love your art and thanks for the video!

  14. Hi - I just watched all of your videos. And then found your blog. Kind of like driving backwards. What and inspiration. I really enjoyed your videos and now am diving into your blog. You art is so refreshing.
    What I really love about your style is that is refreshing. It made me want to go out and mess with my paints and do a couple of pages.
    You inspired me. Thanks. x0x.

  15. Just watched your first video. Loved it! Keep up the good work. It is inspiring to see other people's journals and I thank you for sharing! I don't know how long it will take for me to feel free to do art journaling in public!

  16. i have horrid bandwidth so can't watch it, BOO.

    LOVE the first spread, great colour combos.


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