Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to the Moleskine and a new Vid!!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for the sweet comments as usual!  So appreciated and needed.  The audit that is causing all this stress starts tomorrow.  Hopefully by the end of Friday I will be back to normal.

Here are my newest pages:

The first page, above, was definately a representation of the craziness going on in my head.  So many layers, so many complexities.  Check out my new vid below to hear me talk about what went into it.  :)

Just Dance

I had a great time using that image from a set of tags and border strips from Graphic45.  I used some really old scrapbook supplies, acrylics and stamping.  Get out all of your "old" stuff, use it with some new and create something wonderful!  I loved how this page turned out.  Vintage and yummy.


I used some of those yummy Graphic 45 papers again.  I posted a status on Facebook that simply said "is lost".  One of my oldest friends responded, "Do you need sign that says, I am here".  Smart ass.  I thought it was funny though, and used it as the inspiration for this page.

I've been doodling the last few days (gasp!), I hope to show those soon. 
For now, here is the link to my newest video.  I am SERIOUSLY addicted guys, and am enjoying it so much.  I plan on investing in a tripod soon so I will be able to share some tutorials.   Please rate and subscribe if you haven't done so, as well as checking out my other vids.  I also put up a new one on my Junkue 31 Mini album, which is a great idea for creating a really simple journal as well.  :) 

I promise to be back to "normal" soon.  hehe


  1. I am loving the pages, and I am off to watch the video.....good luck on the audit

  2. Love your pages! It's so inspirational :)

  3. Hi Paula! Your pages are so rich with color and image. Looks great!

  4. Your work always amazes me! You are just so fabulous, and I absolutely love your videos!

  5. Thanks for another great video! I have those same packing tapes from Michael's and I love them. I wish they had some other colors and designs.


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