Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's Time to Love Myself

Love Myself
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I'm thinking that it's no secret that I struggle with self esteem... I mean, who doesn't right? I have spent so many years not living up to my potential, being happy (or pretending to be happy) with mediocrity. I am not sure why I've always been this way, where this fear of succeeding started from. I sometimes wonder if it's merely a matter of being lazy, but that would be the easy answer, one that doesn't require any soul searching.

Soul searching, that is what my journaling lately has been about. I'm using this tool to throw myself "out there", the uglies and all.
It's time to finally love myself and LIVE my dreams.

Much Love!


  1. This is some powerful stuff Paula. Love yourself, please don't settle for less than the best. These pages are great!

  2. These pages are fantastic!! You do such great backgrounds with so many layers. I love them.

    Learn to love yourself. Every time you walk past a mirror look at yourself and say "I love you" until you really do. It's important, and YOU are important. Never settle for anything less than what you truly want.

    And keep making these gorgeous pages so I can drool over them!

  3. You're not alone, Paula!! You're sharing thoughts very similar to those rolling around inside others. Remember, you are the only you. You are special and unique!

  4. Well, no ugliness in your art journal - fa sure! Your pages rock, and so do you for soul searching - just doing that is being brave!

  5. These are wonderful journal pages.
    Learning to love or even like ourselves is a journey for most of us I think!

  6. These three pages are really fabulous!! Searching and finding is a good thing...

  7. "I sometimes wonder if it's merely a matter of being lazy, but that would be the easy answer," I don't think that that's the case, but in the same time I think it's simpler than 'soul searching'. I did a lot of that in my life but found out that actual 'doing' gives me the best confidence.
    Your pages are awesomly beaufiful.

  8. I understand and feel everything you just said, hang in there, you are so not alone! Art is helping me a great deal right now (I suffer from severe anxiety/self esteem issues). I finally feel like I am somebody with a little potential.

    Keep journaling and creating, it is a wonderful healing tool. Wonderful journal pages too!

  9. your pages reflect your thoughts with a great deal of bare naked honesty. That is the real gift found in visual journaling and I completely understand.

  10. Wow! Just came across your blog and absolutely love your journal pages! Such great layering. I'm only just starting out and am struggling with the layering part. And thank you for sharing such a personal issue too. :)

  11. What a strong sentiment - this is what art journaling is all about, right? :)


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