Monday, March 8, 2010

Become an Art Warrior!!

Silence/Art Warrior
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There has been a lot of chat lately around inner critics, and "ugly" pages. I believe that the former is real, and the latter is a symptom of this "critic". In reading Diana Trout's book "Journal Spilling" (which I LOVE btw) she gives her critic a name. I haven't gone this far, but I think it's a great idea.

Instead, I plan on becomming an Art Warrior (and yes, maybe do a little yoga while I'm at it!). I want to go to battle with my self doubt. I will be using acrylic paints, ink, stamps etc as my weapons of mass creation. I have found that the more I do, the more I practice, the smaller the voice is in my head.

These pages were started from a prompt at A Year In the Life of an Art Journal, but just took on a life of thier own. The small add-in page was a wonderful discovery. I have a small water colour paper book that has the same sized holes/spiral binding as my current journal. For this I carefully put a bit of tape on the edge of page so that the tip in would stay in place, as I had originally ripped it out of the WC book. Clear as mudd? hehe

Here are a few more views:

I would love to hear how YOU are becomming an Art Warrior!

Much Love!


  1. This is stunning on so many levels! I love the direction you took the prompt. I love the colors, the circles... all the LAYERS. It's just GOOD. :)

  2. You should tell that inner critic to just shut up! Your art work is amazing! I love it! Every time I see one of your pages I just drool over how you use so many layers. I wish I could achieve that look.

  3. cool, cool, cool pages!!
    you have a great style!

  4. I think this is beautiful, my goal is to take more risks and not be so controlled.

  5. You've put a smile on my face. Love your pages and passion!

  6. hi! recently i faced a same as yours situation! it was the day that 2 pages of mine were on ravens feather studio!but i did not quit! i do not care what every idiot has to say! i make art first for my self!!!!i feel really GOOD when i make art journal pages that i adore!
    please keep on creating you arevery talented!
    thnkas for being my 1st friend in milliande's community!
    i;m waiting for you at my blog too, just for a visit!

  7. I for one love your pages, I mean, more than most others I see, as you're closest to my style preferences.

    But that's irrelevant really, what matters is how YOU feel about creating.

    Woohoo to the Art Warrior in you!!

    I'm taking a slightly different approach... as I've moved from warrior to somehting else in my 'older' years, chuckle.

  8. Your pages are wonderful! I love coming over here having a look at them. And this one is really cool!

  9. ok second post wanted to know how you got on with the tulip thing, I was thinking about buying one, but looks like it just kinda does not spray like it should.

  10. great pages Paula. To reply to your Q - I am going to trust myself more when it comes to doing a page, and enter the challenges which really help to get that creativity flowing!

  11. Love the blue Paula. I agree about what you said about our inner critic. Ugly pages, then paint over them, even from ugliness something good can happen.

  12. I personally love the mental image that "Art Warrior" conjures up ... it's a powerful mantle and definitely one to claim as our own! Slay the inner critic! Death to self-doubt!


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