Monday, March 29, 2010

New Journal Pages in my Moleskine

Really, I am very close to taking back my prior dissatisfaction with the Moleskine.  This new one is showing me lots of love.  I am still waiting to see how the binding is going to hold up, but I think I've helped the problem by gluing pages together.  Remember, this is NOT the purple sketchbook one, it's got the same colour of paper, but much thinner.

Here are a few pages completed Saturday night/Sunday morning:

Listen to the Birds


And check out this yummy texture created by coating facing pages with gesso, closing them, rubbing a bit and opening:

Just this texture closeup

I then painted over it with two different colours of fluid acrylics.

Lots more in the works!  :)

Much LOVE  xoxo


  1. wow these are just great - have you posted them in on art journaling? I think they fit in well with the new propmt, looking forward to seeing your new pages when you post them in too!

  2. Love your pages, especially the pockets on the first spread!

  3. the pages are great. do you recommend the purple moleskine? i am forever lookin for the right book. it is my excuse to not start journaling'.

  4. Yeah, I like the 'plain' green label ones as well for art journaling. As long as you don't get them too wet they work just fine. I prefer the sketchbooks for pen/ink and pencil work rather than paints and collage.
    Love these pages, the colours and textures are gorgeous. Some of my favourite colour combinations in there.

  5. All the pages look great....and I love that last photo of the texture. Mostly all I've ever used moleskines for is pen and ink drawings and for that I love them.

  6. Love the pages! Isn't it amazing that we can get some of the greatest textures from the simplest of methods :-)

  7. they are so beautiful! i love the colors!!!

  8. Beautiful pages! I love the color scheme you are using, very bright but sort of fiery at the same time, drama! Also, you have great handwriting!

  9. Beautiful pages you are achieving here ! Loving all the great textures. Looks like moleskins are working for you after all .

  10. Yummy pages indeed...I am not so crazy for Moleskins, I really don't understand what the fuss is about, I don't want to glue two pages together, I want a thick, able to take some abuse kind of page...

  11. Yet more beautiful pages. I especially love the top one with the red and orange, just lovely. And thanks for sharing that little gesso texture trick, I can't wait to give that a try.

  12. ooh that texture is GLORIOUS!!! I love it ;)

    I love the colors too.


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